How will we emerge from the current pandemic?

This week, Senior Consultant at Primeast, Owen Wibberley, sat down for a virtual coffee and chat with Clive Wilson, Primeast Director and author of 'Designing the Purposeful Organization' and got to grips with the thorny issue of 'what next'?

At Primeast we have been encouraging the use of PrimeFocus™ as a simple but robust guide to effective strategy for over twenty years. The PrimeFocus™ assessment provides you with the opportunity to reflect on how you feel your organisation is faring when it comes to purposeful alignment. On completion of this short assessment, you will receive your free report which you can use as a starting point for discussion with your team or colleagues.

Read more about PrimeFocus™ as a tool to support purposeful alignment in organisations.

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About the Interviewee

Clive Wilson

Clive is an enthusiastic writer, keynote speaker, facilitator and Primeast coach, whose main focus is the purposeful alignment and leadership of individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

Experienced in working with leaders and groups of absolutely any size across the world, Clive is committed to organisational sustainability in service of a better world.

To start a conversation about the leadership development or development opportunities your organisation is facing, you can email Clive directly here.