An interactive session for leaders, teams and individuals. Helping to understand your purpose.

Why purpose matters

Without purpose there is nothing. It's our reason for being, for getting up in the morning and for going to work every day. And it matters now more than ever during these challenging times. As leaders struggle to navigate the current uncertainty, it is important to support your employees and embrace the opportunity to emerge from the crisis, confident that you are clear on your own and your organisation's purpose because your purpose informs your behaviour and how you behave during and post the pandemic will directly influence the internal and external perception of your organisation. This is an opportunity to emerge stronger, as we work together to overcome the challenges we face.

This interactive session was first delivered by Sarah Cave at the Women in Nuclear Annual Conference 2018, helping participants understand their values and purpose. As a result employees will achieve greater self-awareness, self-fulfilment and, as a result, be more present, more engaged and aligned with your organisation's purpose.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou American poet, memoirist and civil rights activist

Before you start

During this session, you will explore your personal values as you work to understand your purpose. Before you start, please complete your Personal Values Assessment and you will receive a report. Please keep this to hand so that you can refer to it during the session.

After you've completed the session, we invite you to call our team and an accredited coach will review your report with you and extract some initial insights.

Complete PVA

Session resources

Once you've completed the virtual session, you can access the slides here if you wish to share them with your team.


Sarah Cave, Head of Leadership at Primeast, facilitates this free virtual workshop

Play the interactive video during which Sarah Cave will guide you through the session as she helps you explore your values and understand your purpose. You will need the report from your PVA assessment to refer to during the session.

Follow-up Tasks and Workshops - Available Today

The following workshops or assessments are available NOW, and have been delivered virtually very successfully. To find out how we can support you in delivering them, speak to a member of the team.

PrimeFocus™ Self Assessment

PrimeFocus™ Assessment

A simple self-assessment reflecting your perception of your organisation's alignment with purpose. Complete the short survey and you'll receive a free report with your results explained in brief. Option to roll out organisation-wide with a Primeast facilitator.

Coaching Offer

Coaching Support

Once you've completed the interactive session, you are welcome to speak to a member of our team and they will help you extract some initial insights from your completed PVA. To discuss coaching support on a wider level, speak to a member of the team.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Circle™ IMPACT Programme

A quick-start programme to support your leaders TODAY as they navigate the current challenges, building resilience, awareness and a strategic perspective on how to live and breathe leadership excellence.

How Else Can We Support You

We will work with you to design a customised programme to achieve your desired outcomes whether that's a one-off workshop or a team skills diagnostic to inform future training investment, to a fully integrated programme of leadership development. Speak to the team or check out our work to see how we can help you.

Meet the Team

Our accredited consultants will work with you in employing the right tool for your requirements. They are highly skilled in uncovering insight and understanding and working with clients, supporting their adult development.

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Our programmes include off-the-shelf leadership programmes and workshops depending on level and experience. Or speak to the team about a customised solution, specific to the challenges you face.

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