Leading through Disruption

Primeast has been working with leaders globally, providing leadership development and training, for over thirty years. We work with our clients to develop the mindset and practical skills to lead with resilience and integrity, however complex the challenges they face. We create customised development solutions based around the principles of not only surviving but thriving in a VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous).

In times of crisis, a robust and sustainable leadership approach will help you prioritise and focus whilst staying true to your organisational values and purpose.


Empowering leaders with the mindset and skills to continue developing from the inside-out for long-term results on your investment.


120+ practitioners worldwide, providing culturally sensitive expertise where you need it.


Delivering real, measurable and long-lasting transformation through immersive adult development.


Certified and industry-experienced consultants providing high-level learning and support.


Consultants working as trusted advisors developing the most effective solution for the challenges you face.


Dedicated project teams including design and administration ensure a pain-free and impactful experience.

Responding to a Changing World

We are all facing unparalleled disruption in business. When operating in a VUCA world, how should we respond?









Find out more, from Martin Carver, Primeast Director, as he shares his experiences, supporting leaders in a VUCA world. He discusses how we can frame our leadership response using the VUCAR (Vision, Understanding, Capabilities, Agility, Resilience) framework as an effective approach to leading through adversity.

Leadership Development Solutions

Our team of consultants are experienced in dealing with the challenges of leadership and delivering development programmes virtually. We have a range of tried and tested online training programmes within our portfolio which can be implemented quickly to support your teams and leaders during the current disruption.

For an immediate discussion regarding the development and support solutions we can provide, either short or long-term, contact us today, via email or telephone.

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  • Email: client.support@primeast.com

Free Introductory Coaching through Disruption

For most leaders this will be the most traumatic period of their career. What can we do to help? Using our highly acclaimed PrimeFocus™ framework and experienced coaches around the world we want to demonstrate abundance, compassion and support with an offer to provide some coaching sessions for leaders and businesses across the world. How the offer works:

A Primeast coach will be your sounding board, your coach and your trusted adviser over the next few months with a series of 3 x 60 minute virtual coaching sessions. There will be a charge for any subsequent sessions.

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  • Email: client.support@primeast.com
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Virtual Learning and Accelerated Recovery

Our off-the-shelf training and development programmes can be adapted to support both your teams and individuals who are working virtually and remotely.

We provide online workshops focused on a range of themes from employee wellbeing to leading with resilience in times of disruption. Contact the team to discuss the support you want to put in place for your teams now or how we can help you with an accelerated recovery.

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  • Email: client.support@primeast.com

Start today with The Leadership Circle

The challenges of leadership today, while unprecedented currently, are ever present - these include the disruption of technology, increased globalisation, changing population structures, new ways of working, increased competition and more. Whatever the situation, they all demand excellence in leadership to be able to respond, innovate and lead with purpose and vision, whilst keeping your people safe, well and able to perform at their best.

We provide a tool to accelerate your leadership development, which can be implemented today, to support your leaders in their need to rise to the immediate leadership challenge. The Leadership Circle IMPACT Programme includes a full 360 leadership assessment, an insight feedback session with a certified coach and a follow-up session, all delivered by an experienced and accredited practitioner.

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Speak to the team to arrange an appointment with a certified Leadership Circle™ coach and learn more about how this tool can help you excel as a leader for today's times.

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  • Email: client.support@primeast.com
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Join Us

Join us in our new series of Leadership Challenge discussions, helping you to navigate the leadership environment with considered, calm and clear thinking. Follow us on social media to keep up-to-date or check in here to watch more as our team explore the issues we're all facing.

Supporting You and Your Teams with Free Resources

We are working closely with our partners to ensure business and leadership continuity, providing and adapting innovative solutions to the challenges we all face. People are at the heart of what we do and it is people that make or break an organisation in times of crisis. As part of your emergency planning and crisis management processes and protocols, we're providing you with some easy-to-apply resources to help inform critical conversations around how to protect and support your teams as they manage remote and virtual teamworking, whilst maintaining collective responsibility, ongoing high performance and productivity.

Framing a Leadership Response

Follow us on LinkedIn where we'll be providing you with free resources and guidance, including our series of Leadership Challenge discussions. In the meantime read more on our latest Leadership Insights. For additional support, speak to our team today.

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Measure your Resilience

Leading teams and individuals through difficult and unpredictable times is challenging, particularly with remote and virtual working. Why not use our assessment tool to measure both your own resilience, and your team's current state of wellbeing and engagement.

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A 'Purposeful' Health Check

In times of exceptional challenge, it is important to stay true to your organisational purpose and values. Complete our quick PrimeFocus ™ Assessment to provide a starting point for conversations around purposeful leadership.

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Meet Our Team

We have facilitated, supported, coached and delivered to a range of global organisations in diverse and often heavily regulated industries. Our network of 120+ Associates and certified practioners are experienced in effecting real transformational thinking and behaviour change.

Russell Evans

MD and CEO

What motivates me is seeing the impact we have on people, both in their professional and personal lives. It's the whole person that really matters and if we can harness that as leaders, the journey is so much more exciting.

Beth Williams

CEO, Primeast North America

I get a real thrill when I see our ability as human beings to work and accomplish more together in the world than we would alone. After all, it's all about the people; that's where my true passion lies.

Sarah Cave

Director, Head of Leadership

Witnessing the impact of an intervention is incredibly rewarding. Those moments when I see the collective strength of a high-performing, energised leadership team are what really motivates me in supporting businesses.

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