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What's Important Now

Author: Primeast

Date: 30/06/2020

Join us on Tuesday 14 July 2020 - 16.00 - 16.45 (BST)/11.00 - 11.45 (EST) on Zoom for the third in our 3 part series 'What's Important Now'

The world in 2020 has changed. A world where wellbeing and making a difference have become more important than ever before (Barrett Values Centre Covid-19 Cultural Assessment Report).

The GREAT PAUSE has given us the GIFT OF REFLECTION and we're here to support you in reconsidering a leadership which, post-lockdown, will require a RE-SET of challenging proportions.

Sarah Cave is Head of Leadership and Director of Primeast. She will be co-hosting with Gary Edwards, Director and Senior Consultant who is passionate about working with leaders to bring about transformative change and improved performance.

Together, they will facilitate part 3 of this 3 part series. If you missed Part 1 and 2 and want to catch up, get in touch.

  • Part 1 (30 June 2020): You as the self-leading and resourceful Individual; How to re-connect and re-energise as an individual, preparing yourself for the challenges that lie ahead as your team reconnects.
  • Part 2 (7 July 2020): You as the creative and connecting People Leader; The world has changed and so have the rules of business. How to relate and understand your teams, and therefore re-engage your people in new and successful ways, operating through reconfirmed values.
  • Part 3 (14 July 2020): You as the visionary and balancing Corporate Architect; How you may need to re-imagine the purpose of the organisation, re-aligning and re-engaging with a refreshed vision.

Part 1: What's Important Now: The Individual

As the individual, you have probably been dealing with a range of challenges, both on a personal and professional level. You may need to reflect on the best combination of activities and solutions to refuel your personal wellbeing. You may need to reconsider how to balance your energies to deliver sustainable healthy high performance. It is important that you take care of yourself first to ensure that you can take on the challenges that you are facing as a leader of people who are likely experiencing their own set of challenges. We will introduce a simple framework which you can use to optimise your energies and give you the capacity to be an authentic, creative and relating leader. You can also share the framework with your teams, giving them the tools to reset their own energy levels.

As we adjust to the gradual releasing of lockdown we might be facing the challenges of a return to work which might look very different to 3 months ago. This webinar will provide you with the foundations to move forward. As you progress through the series, the activities will build and broaden out helping you approach the adjustment period with renewed energy, consideration and commitment to the realignment needed for growth and success.

Part 2: What's Important Now: The People Leader

As a people leader you might have had to adapt to leading a team in very different circumstances; managing the 'Business as Usual' in the context of a complex situation which presents its own very specific challenges, for example;

  • How to lead people remotely?
  • How to manage and create a safe and productive working environment?
  • How to relate to and motivate people who might also be dealing with their own personal challenges and responses to difficult times?
  • How to manage the important and critical tasks with an eye on the long term purpose and strategic direction of your organisation?

We will introduce you to the Barrett Values suite of tools and use the PVA as a means of gaining fresh clarity on your values and your organisational character.

You will be encouraged to think about how your team might have been affected and how you can respond effectively to re-build and re-set in order to create a unified, aligned team equipped to be able to drive your organisation forward.

This session will be hosted by Beth Williams, CEO, Primeast North America and Gary Edwards, Director and Senior Consultant at Primeast.

Part 3: What's Important Now: The Corporate Architect

In the final part of our series, you will explore the opportunities for you as the Corporate Architect. Building on the work done in parts 1 and 2, you will examine your current situation through the lens of the PrimeFocus™ framework. Having considered your own role and contribution to leading your team to thrive, you will consider the work which needs to be done at an organisational level to re-establish direction and alignment to support the future growth and success of your organisation.

The final session will be hosted by Gary Edwards and Sarah Cave.


This series has been designed to support your thinking as you consider the opportunity of a re-set for your organisation. As we begin to emerge from the restrictions of lockdown, this series presents an opportunity to clarify your thinking, re-energise your activities and your intention. The Primeast team will use a range of tools and frameworks to help you gain the perspective needed to lead your people through the next stage as you re-join as a team. We invite you to join us for this special FREE webinar series, WIN Leadership (What's Important Now).

Places are limited to In-house Leaders

Places are limited so book early to reserve your space. The event will be hosted on Zoom.

The series will include a number of practical activities and because it is specifically designed for in-house leaders, places will be limited to those in in-house positions. This event is not suitable for external consultants.

Participants will be invited to complete a number of short free assessments during the course of the series. You will be provided with the links to these in the email confirmation sent to you when you register.

The webinar series will provide:

  • Practical tips on transitioning from lockdown to a new chapter for you and your organisation from highly experienced leadership specialists.
  • Interactive sessions where you will complete activities equipping you with the insight needed to re-energise and re-set
  • An introduction to a number of frameworks which can be used in your work going forwards as you and your teams emerge from lockdown to create a new and better future
  • The opportunity to learn and share the challenges you face with other leaders and explore some actions you can take to help your people thrive

The 3 sessions will take place weekly starting Tuesday 30th June and will last around 45 minutes. We look forward to seeing you there.


For further information please email us direct or contact us on +44 (0) 1423 531083.

About Your Host and Facilitator

Sam Ellis

Sam is an ex-blue-chip Consumer Packaged Goods marketer and agency Planning Director and has held a number of senior management positions within capability and management consultancies including WPP and Accenture. Her 32-year experience spans wellbeing, brand and employee engagement programmes, culture transformations and leadership development for clients in the financial services, pharmaceutical, travel, telecoms, education and food & drink sectors.

She is passionate about nurturing growth and wellbeing and specialises in facilitating transformational healthy high performance for individuals, teams and organisations.

About Your Host and Facilitator

Sarah Cave

Sarah Cave is a Director of Primeast and Head of Leadership. She is a development professional who is passionate about learning and performance improvement. A leadership specialist, she believes that great leaders have both an academic understanding of leadership models and theory and the ability to breathe life into these within their organisations.

Sarah brings a wealth of commercial experience to her coaching and leadership development work ensuring she provides high-level and relevant leadership development support to her clients. Her pragmatic style helps leaders in finding clarity and uncovering the strengths and skills to improve leadership effectiveness in an increasingly complex world.

About Your Host and Facilitator

Beth Williams

Beth has over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical, financial services, media, and high tech and brings a wealth of sales, marketing, management and human development experience to the coaching, training and change management profession.

She is committed to working with leaders to strengthen their capacity to respond effectively to a complex, changing world. She is accredited in the full Leadership Circle System as well as a number of other best-in-class leadership development tools which she uses in her work as Learning and Development consultant.

About Your Host and Facilitator

Gary Edwards

Gary is a Director of Primeast and senior consultant. He has been creating and delivering leadership development programmes internationally to FTSE100 clients in a range of sectors, both as a consultant and external facilitator, since 1989.

Gary is passionate about supporting leaders to bring about real, transformative change which leads not just to greater personal success but significantly improved performance.

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