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Primeast has worked in partnership with clients for over 30 years, listening and developing customised learning and development solutions to empower people to deliver better results. Our blended approach offers a combination of face-to-face and digital learning experiences which provide learners with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to make a real impact in the workplace.

The ‘global pause’ of 2020 accelerated so many things, including the development of our experiential virtual delivery capabilities. Other learning providers met this challenge in a variety of ways.

For Primeast it was important to harness the powerful, experiential and transformational elements of our face-to-face learning for our Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT).

Our design team works to an ADDIE process (Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate), ensuring that we create effective development interactions for our clients. Initially we’ll encourage them to elaborate on the learning and development needs of their people, and how these link to the desired results of the organisation. We then work in partnership with the relevant client stakeholders to design creative solutions that meet those needs. Developing and implementing the actual solution then follows, along with managed evaluation at different points in the process to modify and monitor the impact of the learning in the workplace.

We’re always keen to research, test and try out new tools and technologies, but this will always be with the proviso that they should add value for our learners – and help our facilitators to provide engaging and impactful learning experiences.

VILT – Developing meaningful learning

With all these considerations in mind, a Primeast VILT programme will give you the following:

  • Customised learning - programmes are based on real work-place scenarios and use the personal experiences of learners, as well as examples from their day-to-day work lives, as much as possible. We also recognise that we don’t have all the answers, and therefore encourage our clients to share their knowledge and skills in support of their colleagues.
  • Engaging, experiential and collaborative digital learning - whatever format of online learning you might have been exposed to, it doesn’t have to be boring. ‘eLearning’ can take many forms – from ‘make your own choices’ branching scenarios, to ‘talking heads’ explainer videos and collaborative online discussions – but the most important element always remains the value and learning that those taking part get out of it. Digital learning should also meet learners “where they are” in terms of their everyday lives. Primeast’s blended programmes (which feature a mixture of self-directed online learning and virtual instructor lead training sessions) allow learners to choose their own path and digest content in a way that fits with their busy schedules.
  • Assessments and diagnostics - Primeast-designed assessments and diagnostics provide deeper insights into personal and organisational challenges, as well as providing opportunities for growth and development. This can range from skills development, improving personal resilience, and creating organisational alignment, to understanding your values and leadership challenges. You can see examples of the free free assessments and resources we provide on our website.

    Our facilitators are also accredited to use a suite of well-known and trusted third-party assessment tools – choosing those that will best support the ongoing development and empowerment of every learner.

How we make our virtual sessions interactive, collaborative, and engaging

  • The best technology and tools - We research and employ only the best to offer a stimulating and interactive experience. We are experienced with a range of virtual delivery platforms to suit learner needs, all of which are accessible in a variety of ways, as well as different ways to engage and inspire learners. One example is blending full group discussions with smaller breakout room interactions, which allow everyone to have a voice and promotes collaboration, social learning, and more lively and fruitful conversations. Similarly, using tools such as Slido and Mural supports better interaction, not only by giving learners the opportunity to take part in more dynamic learning activities, but also by stimulating thought processes and creativity that might not otherwise come about if you are simply sitting in front of your screen.
  • Always have a debrief - this is so important as reflection and learning from your experience, hearing from others, and the observations of our facilitators, has always been where the main learning happens. Whilst learning can and does take place individually, true depth and value is created when we reflect, discuss, and share as a group, both during the development session, and when we return the workplace.

All our learning activities are conducted in a carefully managed, safe space. This sets the tone for learning to build upon trust and confidentiality, as well as providing the springboard for ongoing, lifelong development.

Virtual learning that goes further and makes a difference – long after what happens ‘in the virtual classroom’

It has always been true that as part of our design and facilitation of face-to-face programmes, learners will feel re-energised to do something with their learning…and it is no different for Primeast’s VILT delivery. As with all our development programmes for clients, having re-focused learners we ask them to commit today to do something tomorrow.

We also encourage learners to re-connect and keep in touch to support each other and hold each other to account outside of the development session; this can range from generating action plans when appropriate, to creating communities of practice back in the workplace that nurture and grow what has been covered on the programme. Primeast continues to believe that one person cannot make a cultural shift or change by themselves – this is even more important to stress at a time when increased home and virtual working can make us feel isolated and out of touch. Line managers and teams also play a big part in making sure that all the learning which takes place during development sessions is actionable and sustainable back in the workplace – whatever form the ‘eLearning’ takes, their engagement is key.

Making sure that virtual learning that goes further and makes a difference, long after what happens ‘in the virtual classroom’, is always at the forefront of our design, delivery and production of development programmes for our clients.

Primeast have always ensured that programme participants are ‘learning by doing’, leaving them with the confidence to apply their learning for long-term results and success. We also encourage learners to develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, thinking in different ways, and being more creative.

Part of the process is learning that it is OK if you make mistakes or things go wrong – it’s only human, and it’s how we all learn, develop resilience, and grow.

It’s experiential, it’s action orientated, it stays with you – it’s Primeast

As we face the challenges of remote working and an increasingly networked world, the tools and knowledge you and your people gain from an experiential, action orientated Primeast VILT programme will stay with you, helping individuals to take charge and progress their careers, and organisations to grow and develop in an effective and sustainable way. And no matter what the future throws at us, harnessing the powerful, experiential, and transformational elements of our learning activities will always be the hallmark of a Primeast development programme.

This production was brought to you by Primeast Client Solutions: Emma Heaps - Head of Client Solutions, Simon Allistone - Senior Solutions Consultant and Gavin Elliott - Digital & elearning Consultant

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you and your organisation develop outstanding learning and development programmes - VILT or face to face as this becomes possible. Email our team here or call our client relationship team on +44 (0)1423 531083.

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