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The Leadership Conversation

Author: Primeast

Date: 15/06/2021

We're in Over our Heads!

Inspired by Kegan's statement, our first in a series of podcasts deals with the issue of 'overwhelm'; something even the best leaders are becoming increasingly familiar with.

All leaders are facing a unique set of challenges in today’s world. This will not only be testing your own resilience but there is also the added pressure in many cases of having to manage difficult circumstances and conversations whilst having to support your teams on a day-to-day basis, through the constant change, uncertainty and complexity we are all facing.

Join our panel of leadership and talent management experts as they explore how we can overcome the challenges we all face on a daily basis.

The Leadership Conversation is brought to you by Primeast. Gathering together industry experts, leadership coaches and specialists in learning and leadership development, Martin Carver will be joined in this series of fireside chats; helping to uncover some of the mysteries of leadership.

In the series, we'll be sharing tips, tools and insights which will help you navigate the often choppy waters of senior leadership.

Drawing on their own set of unique talents and experience in supporting organisations and their leaders, Joy Medos and Michael Bieder join Martin Carver, director of Primeast, as they discuss how you, as leaders can supplement your own reserves and resources with some useful and proven tools and perspectives.

Martin Carver

Martin Carver is a director of Primeast and has a passion for supporting leaders on their development journey. An accredited Leadership Circle Profile and Co-Active coach he has worked with leaders and organisations globally, developing leadership strength through coaching and designing and facilitating leadership development programmes.

Joy Medos

Joy Medos is currently president of the PWN Vienna and an in-demand leadership coach and facilitator. She is an accredited Leadership Circle Profile and Barrett Values CTT coach and is an experienced, multi-lingual facilitator delivering on Primeast Leadership Development programmes for clients based in a number of countries. As a former CEO she brings outstanding leadership experience and energy to everything she does.

Michael Bieder

Michael Bieder has worked internationally leading global cross-functional and culturally diverse teams in the logistic, supply chain and pharmaceutical industries. An accredited Leadership Circle Profile coach, Michael supports leaders in their journey towards achieving personal growth and outstanding performance.

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