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Skills for a Changing World

Date: 30/03/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Events
Tags: Behaviours, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Leadership, Teamwork

Let's get 'future ready'. As part of the Nuclear Skills Festival 2021, Primeast were delighted to partner up with Women in Nuclear UK for the sixth year running. Find out more about the workshops we hosted as part of the theme - 'Skills for a Changing World'.

Leading Through Effective Communication

Date: 26/03/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Behaviours, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Leadership, Teamwork

Communication is the heart of good leadership. We discuss five strategies of leading through effective communication and how to employ them for maximum advantage.

This is not just another online training programme...

Date: 23/03/2021     Author: Client Solutions
Categories: Articles
Tags: Engagement, Facilitation, Innovation, Remote Working, Learning and Development

Take a look at the short VILT Showcase video to get a flavour of 'virtual instructor led training' that harnesses the powerful, experiential and transformational elements of face-to-face learning. Developing carefully designed, meaningful, engaging learning experiences.

Leading to Prime

Date: 08/03/2021     Author: Russell Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Engagement, Leadership, PrimeFocus, Purpose

Prime is the optimum area on an organisational lifecycle, where the organisation finally achieves a balance and healthy tension between control and agility. The context is always changing, Russell Evans describes the traits your leaders need to lead your organisation 'to Prime'.

Long live continuous dialogue!

Date: 17/10/2020     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Engagement

Employee engagement can be a difficult task, but understanding the issues of staff is something all effective organisations will be committed to achieving.

What the Tour de France can teach us about teamwork

Date: 1/8/2014     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Teamwork, Leadership, Culture, Purpose, Engagement

Simon Tarver looks at the Tour de France to show two very different approaches to leading a team. And explores what's needed to avoid building a dysfunctional team.

Millennials - success is changing, and rapidly

Date: 17/9/2014     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Engagement, Leadership, Purpose

Following a challenge at a recent Talent Forum event, Clive Wilson shares his tips on attracting, engaging and retaining millenials. They can bring a renewed energy to your leadership and a breath of fresh air for your existing employees who might also welcome a more modern experience.

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