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Four opportunities to develop skills for the future

Date: 12/03/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Events
Tags: Leadership, Barrett Values, Communication, Culture, Leadership Circle, PrimeFocus, Purpose

Primeast is delighted to be supporting WiN for the 6th year running. We are running 5 workshops during the virtual Nuclear Skills Festival. Find out about the workshops, access free resources and sign up to the Nuclear Skills Festival here.

Leading to Prime

Date: 08/03/2021     Author: Russell Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Engagement, Leadership, PrimeFocus, Purpose

Prime is the optimum area on an organisational lifecycle, where the organisation finally achieves a balance and healthy tension between control and agility. The context is always changing, Russell Evans describes the traits your leaders need to lead your organisation 'to Prime'.

Follow Simon Sinek: Find your Why and Unlock the Benefits of Value-Driven Leadership

Date: 03/02/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Purpose, Culture, Values, Barrett Values, Change, PrimeFocus, Remote Working

What’s your why? Your values and purpose? Your story? Start your journey of self-discovery and you’ll connect more deeply, engage, and inspire.

Why purpose matters more than ever

Date: 12/3/2020     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Purpose, Leadership, PrimeFocus

Clive Wilson considers how PrimeFocus can be used as a framework for leaders to stay true to purpose despite the current challenges. Helping you manage the short term and long term perspectives

10 Principles to Drive Change in Organization Structure

Date: 25/2/2015     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Change, Culture, Purpose, PrimeFocus

Clive Wilson highlights 10 principles that can be used to support organisational change efficiently and effectively in an increasingly complex business environment.

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