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Finding your purpose: what motivates a leader to succeed?

Date: 13/12/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Purpose, Teamwork

What motivates a leader and their team to succeed? We discuss the key to creating a high-performing team that is motivated not by money, but by something far more powerful: purpose.

Cross-cultural teams - critical success factors

Date: 02/11/2021     Author: Warwick Abbott
Categories: Articles
Tags: Teamwork, Communication

Successful cross-cultural teamworking can have a direct impact on business growth; resulting in increased innovation, individual and team growth and greater personal and professional achievement. Are your teams struggling to engage successfully with each other?

Global Working - is it time for a re-set?

Date: 25/10/2021     Author: Warwick Abbott
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork, Culture, Remote Working

Successful cross-cultural teamworking requires the skills, mindset and knowledge to ensure teams can harness the opportunity for diverse and innovation thinking. Without due care and investment, global teams can often experience performance cycles. Is it time for a teamworking re-set?

Hybrid Working - 7 Top tips for better teamworking

Date: 11/10/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Values, Behaviour, Culture, Teamwork, Resilience

Hybrid Working is no longer a thing of the future. Its here now and the reality is starting to hit for many leaders and organisations. Do you need to upskill your leaders or teams to help them adapt? Check out our 7 Top tips for better hybrid teamworking.

What is Psychological Safety and why is it important?

Date: 09/09/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Teamwork, Inclusive, Purpose, Leadership, Remote Working

Psychological safety is a term used in workplaces to ensure that individuals feel that they can speak up, as well as having the space and comfort to do so. Do your leaders promote psychological safety at work?

Skills for a Changing World

Date: 30/03/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Events
Tags: Behaviours, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Leadership, Teamwork

Let's get 'future ready'. As part of the Nuclear Skills Festival 2021, Primeast were delighted to partner up with Women in Nuclear UK for the sixth year running. Find out more about the workshops we hosted as part of the theme - 'Skills for a Changing World'.

Leading Through Effective Communication

Date: 26/03/2021     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Behaviours, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Leadership, Teamwork

Communication is the heart of good leadership. We discuss five strategies of leading through effective communication and how to employ them for maximum advantage.

Behaviours to develop trust within remote teams

Date: 23/10/2020     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork, Culture, Remote Working

These tactics to extend the reach of your company culture describe behaviours which could develop and maintain trust at work, now that managers must lead remote and dispersed teams.

Returning to work

Date: 23/06/2020     Author: Sarah Cave
Categories: Articles
Tags: Teamwork, Leadership

Sarah Cave, Head of Leadership, reflects on the value of coaching during this 'Return to Work' phase. With remote working now an accepted norm, how does a leader build trust and confidence and a sense of connectedness with remote and complex team structures?

How to create an inclusive culture

Date: 7/2/2020     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Leadership, Teamwork

Simon Tarver writes about his experiences of working with teams, the damaging notion of 'them and us' and the importance of a clear understanding of purpose and vision to mobilise, engage and unify teams

Primeast acquires The Blue Water Partnership

Date: 30/1/2018     Author: Primeast
Categories: News
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork

Automotive leadership and management development specialist The Blue Water Partnership becomes automotive division of Primeast. Founded 17 years ago, Blue Water has worked with Citroen, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Triumph Motorcycles and Volvo

The power of generative listening

Date: 23/1/2017     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork, Culture

The benefit of listening is something that every good leader will appreciate and understand. Generative listening could hold the key to a more productive future.

Switch on and mix up blended learning

Date: 17/8/2016     Author: Emma Heaps
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Inclusive, Teamwork

Our Head of Client Solutions offers a different way of looking at how to design a blended learning program is to think about how to make the best smoothie.

Why teamwork lies at the heart of a successful matrix structure

Date: 17/11/2021     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Teamwork

Those working within a matrix structure will work at their best when teamwork is placed at the heart of the matrix. Read more about that role and how to establish strong teams.

What the Tour de France can teach us about teamwork

Date: 1/8/2014     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Teamwork, Leadership, Culture, Purpose, Engagement

Simon Tarver looks at the Tour de France to show two very different approaches to leading a team. And explores what's needed to avoid building a dysfunctional team.

Fighting, not conflict, is a sign of dysfunction

Date: 28/9/2020     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork, Culture, Values, Purpose

Conflict can be positive within a team. But if it turns to fighting it has massive ramifications for companies. If teams become dysfunctional and fighting takes root, productivity and innovation will take a nose dive.

The role of emotional intelligence in the pharma industry

Date: 9/10/2014     Author: Martin Carver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Teamwork

Developing emotional intelligence of those within the pharma industry can improve individual, team and project performance.

Managing Ambivalent Team Relationships

Date: 3/3/2015     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Culture, Teamwork, Coaching

An ambivalent relationship is classed as a relationship in which both positive and negative feelings are present, usually with tension and conflict. It's the classic love/hate situation that requires careful balance.

Primeast presented to HM the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Date: 8/9/2015     Author: Primeast
Categories: News
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork

In recognition for achieving the Queen's Award for International Trade, Primeast's Russell Evans and Sue Walsh were presented to Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

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