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A Human Enterprise

Date: 17/12/2020     Author: Russell Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Learning and Development, Change, Culture, values

In his book ‘A Promised Land’ former US President Barack Obama describes that part of his intent in writing the book was to lift the veil on the role of The President and the government to show that they form a “human enterprise like any other”.

Defining culture and values as leaders

Date: 16/5/2019     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Values, Leadership, Barrett Values

David Evans explores the roles of culture, values and purpose in leadership. We can develop the self-awareness and creative competencies to deliver the conditions in which everyone can do their best at work.

Leading behavioural change

Date: 25/08/2020     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Values, Behaviours, Culture, Change, Leadership

Understanding your own values and behaviour is an important first step in bringing about successful change within your organisation. How shared values and culture will unite teams in pursuit of the organisation's vision

Fighting, not conflict, is a sign of dysfunction

Date: 28/9/2020     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Teamwork, Culture, Values, Purpose

Conflict can be positive within a team. But if it turns to fighting it has massive ramifications for companies. If teams become dysfunctional and fighting takes root, productivity and innovation will take a nose dive.

Why You Need To Get Passionate At Work

Date: 5/5/2015     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Culture, Values

Success and passion are intrinsically linked and at Primeast we always stress the importance of loving what you do. It's what gets you up in the morning, makes you strive for better and get back up when you're knocked down.

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