Collective Leadership


Transforming the collective performance of leadership teams drives results and success

The Leadership Challenge

As early as 1990 respected thought-leader Peter Senge noted that the ‘collective intelligence and performance’ of leadership teams was generally well below that of the individuals within it. Despite this insight, leadership development has traditionally focused on the improvement of individual capability - few organisations have robust strategies in place to develop leaders’ collective capacity. Many organisations make significant investment in developing leaders yet when those individuals return to work, impact can be slow, low or non-existent. Often there is a mismatch between the new-found individual capability and the collective leadership context into which it is brought – it can be like hitting a brick wall. A wide body of research shows this context is often typified by misalignment and a range of dysfunctional processes and behaviours.

Symptoms of misalignment

  • lack of clarity and alignment on purpose, objectives and priorities
  • positional behaviour
  • ambitious self-interest
  • a mistrust of colleagues
  • poor listening
  • withholding information
  • fear of conflict and the need for consensus
  • vague decision-making
  • low intra-team accountability
  • low people engagement
  • ineffective structures and processes
How we can help
  • Using PrimeFocus™, we gather insight, measuring alignment within the organisation
  • Selecting from a range of tools we seek to understand perception and engagement with leadership and organisational purpose
  • We work collaboratively to identify, analyse, diagnose and design a response to achieve agreed objectives
  • An integrated approach can include a range of methods to develop emotional intelligence, leadership skills, creative and enterprise mindset, advanced critical thinking capability and inclusive, resilient and adpatable behaviours.

Outcomes of Our Approach

Primeast programmes, fill the Leadership Gap displayed in the Leadership Bridge illustration, through building and leveraging:

  • shared values, collective commitment and accountability
  • mutual respect, a climate of trust
  • awareness of self and others
  • effective influence with powerful networks and critical thinking
  • service orientation
  • high performance team-working
  • opportunities arising from healthy conflict
  • internal 'political' awareness
  • effective change management and leadership

Our Approach to Leadership Development

We work creatively and collaboratively with leadership teams globally to build collective leadership strength. We help them to operate systemically and to create the right conditions for the key PrimeFocus™ elements to thrive:

  • PURPOSE - clearly articulated and aligned
  • VISION - aligned to purpose with clearly understood desired outcomes
  • ENGAGEMENT - built on communication and inclusion
  • STRUCTURE -supported by appropriate strategies, plans, processes, policies and structures to achieve the vision and purpose
  • CHARACTER - values, culture and behaviours to realise the vision and fulfil the purpose
  • RESULTS - clear short, mid and long-term measures tracking progress toward the vision
  • SUCCESS - clear short, mid and long-term measures of stakeholder and employee satisfaction aligned to purpose and vision
  • TALENT - continual recognition of value of and developing individual and collective talents in service of purpose and vision
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How We Do It

When training focuses on function and delivery, it often results in a return to default behaviour. Our approach is focused on the nature of the stimulus and application of learning to the workplace. As a result we deliver real impact, genuine behaviour change and tangible outcomes.

Stimulus is designed to appeal to a range of learning styles and provoke a new way of thinking.

“Since 2010 I have continued to work with Primeast for other needs; participating in their inaugural Future Leaders workshops, which focussed on my personal business impact and subsequently supported by a follow-up series of 1 to 1 coaching sessions. This programme contributed enormously to my own personal career success. I was promoted from Regional General Manager, through a number of other strategic roles to my current role as Nuclear Portfolio Director. Primeast has also supported me and a close colleague in helping create and deliver a Delivery Manager Development Programme training programme, for which we are both very grateful.”

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