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Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences

Performance matters. People count

As a learning and development partner we provide a unique and connected approach to learning and development ensures we can support your organisation in developing your leaders to create the conditions for growth and to support your people development in order to retain your best talent and to accelerate performance. Understanding that your people are your greatest asset and your greatest investment, our approach focuses on creating meaningful development which brings about better results and long-term performance improvement. Investing in your people's skills and thinking at an operational level through our Scaling Talent portfolio, we ensure your Prime Leadership development programmes are more impactful. And because everything is connected, we support your organisational development goals by helping you build strength and cohesiveness at an individual, team and organisational level.


From the very beginning, we listen so that we truly understand the challenges you face, both internally and externally. And because we've walked in your shoes, we understand.


Our dedicated design team create the programme, including all materials to suit the delivery, the sector, the business context, the environment, the timescales and the budget.


Our global network of higly skilled, accredited Associates allows us to match the right person to deliver in terms of skills, experience, style, language and cultural fit.


All programmes or workshops are specifically designed to allow for application, reflection and action planning resulting in greater impact back in the workplace.

An Approach that Works

Our background in experiential learning has evolved into an approach which combines three main areas of adult development: mindset, practice and challenge. In today's world where new skills are required to adapt to the ongoing technology disruption, people must develop the emotional, social and people skills needed which will help them to adapt, to be agile and to continue learning and developing. This is the foundation of our approach.


Deep learning is affected through the use of innovative and proven experiential development techniques, relevant to the learner's reality and in support of the strategic objective.


Our coaches are experienced in empowering leaders to share their knowledge, skills and learning with their peers, colleagues and teams for a long term impact on results.


The impact of the learning experience has proven to inject energy and excitement into an organisation having a direct impact on performance and results.


Our highly-skilled, accredited coaches are experienced in testing and challenging individuals and teams to unlock and embrace their personal and professional potential.

Why choose us?

With offices in the UK, USA and APAC we provide a global team of facilitators, coaches and consultants supported by centralised project, design and administration teams, ensuring the best experience as a client and for the learners.

Our Credentials

Our network of consultants and associates are accredited in an extensive range of leadership diagnostics tools which can be employed to support the development of robust and resilient leaders, equipped to succeed in a complex and volatile business environment.

association of accredited coaching
Barrett Values Centre Personal Values ASsessment
ILM Approved Study Centre
Kirkpatrick certified professional
The Leadership Circle certified practitioner

Our Partners

We work with pioneering organisations to ensure our delivery is at the forefront of leadership thinking. Whether that is providing wellbeing workshops as part of an inclusive or mindful leadership programme or our creditentials as accredited practitioners of proven, successful leadership development tools.

Mindful Leadership

Mental Health at Work

Everybody has a responsibility to take care of each other at work, to nurture talent and to support our colleagues – we know it’s the right thing to do.

Level 7 Executive MBA


Primeast works with York St John University to deliver the Level 7 Senior Leader (MBA) Degree apprenticeship at their campuses in London and York.

Skills Development

Negotiating for Success

Primeast delivers accredited programmes as stand alone interventions or integrated as modules into a wider programme for developing your leaders.

What Our Clients Say

“Primeast facilitated the creation of a high performance ‘Change Team’ to work on a significant business challenge to support Cape’s continued commitment to organisational success. The design was outstanding as it combined theory and practice; provided on-line resources, experiential activities, testing and challenging provocative thinking. The facilitation skills were exceptional as we explored leadership. There was clearly a golden thread of facilitation, not prescriptive training. The EQi 360 was used effectively and sensitively to support the learning and will form part of the on-going coaching”


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