Customised Leadership Development

Developing resilient and adaptable leaders in a VUCA world

Solutions Based On Your Needs

We create programmes that help you, as leaders, not just manage your unique situation, but to thrive, achieving personal and professional success. Participants will learn to grow their capability in dealing effectively with both routine and unexpected scenarios. By learning to influence with authority, work effectively across silos and operate in the context of complex systems they will identify new solutions and deliver significant business value.

Leader Development

Develop individuals to become successful, high impact leaders by cultivating:

  • their internal operating system
  • increased self-awareness
  • positive personal leader impact
  • maturity of thinking
  • the ability to deal with complexity
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Leadership Development

Transform the collective performance of teams by developing:

  • a positive leadership culture
  • alignment with Purpose & Vision
  • cohesion, trust, critical thinking
  • commitment & the ability to positively harness conflicts

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Our Style

Based on our ELAS™ framework, we engage with you right from the beginning to ensure we understand your specific challenges. Our dedicated design team will work as part of a wrap-around solution to create a programme which delivers the desired outcomes. By challenging ourselves in our own development we provide a best-in-class approach which results in continued referral and recommendation. We judge our success on your improved performance and the creation of empowered leadership.

The Learning Experience

Your facilitator, coach or consultant will be selected based on experience, cultural fit and style. Throughout the learning experience they will actively intervene and apply learning to the specific workplace situation to ensure learning transfer is sustained and long-lasting. We support organisations in creating coaching cultures to embed skills and knowledge for long-term return on investment; empowering and equipping people with the skills and attributes to become resilient and adaptable leaders.

Learning Transfer

We believe there is no learning without application which is why our clients choose to work with us. Our purpose is at the forefront of what we do; to create outstanding workplaces. This can only happen when people are aligned to the organisation's purpose and equipped with the skills to reach their potential, both personally and professionally. Our coaches and consultants are highly-skilled, experienced and accredited in a range of tools which can be used to support individuals and teams on their development journey.

Long-term Impact

One of our core values is sustainability. This underpins our approach to designing an intervention or programme which is based on the ethos: give a man the tools and he'll lead for life. Many of our programmes will include, as a result, a coaching element which supports leaders in being able to suport their teams beyond the programme ensuring a longer-term and more sustainable return on investment.

Leadership Development

Research from recent studies suggests that traditional leadership development will not equip leaders to match the pace of environmental change and the challenges ahead. We call this ‘The Leadership Gap’. To cross the gap we focus on developing learners’ practical skills and their ‘internal operating system’. Leaders who have been through our programmes show significant improvement in behaviour, skills and the achievement of tangible results.

How We Do It

When training focuses on function and delivery, it often results in a return to default behaviour. Our approach is focused on the nature of the stimulus and application of learning to the workplace. As a result we deliver real impact, genuine behaviour change and tangible outcomes.

Stimulus: we design our experiences and resources to appeal to a range of learning styles and provoke a new way of thinking.

How We Can Support You

We will work with you to design a customised programme to achieve your desired outcomes, whether that's a one-off workshop or a team skills diagnostic to inform future training investment, or a fully integrated programme of leadership development. Speak to the team or check out our work to see how we can help you.

About Us

Our accredited consultants will work with you in employing the right tool for your requirements. Our unique approach ensures any learning and development is embedded and applied to the workplace for long term results.

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Our programmes include off-the-shelf leadership programmes and workshops depending on level and experience. Or speak to the team about a customised solution, specific to the challenges you face.

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With over 30 years' experience in leadership development and consulting, we've worked with global organisations in diverse sectors, fostering highly collaborative working relationships built on trust and expertise.

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