Join us on Friday 15 May 2020 - 14.00 - 16.00 (BST) on Zoom

We invite you to join us for this special FREE People Leadership Forum focused on Post-pandemic People Leadership. Places are limited so book early to reserve your space. The event will be hosted on Zoom.

The way organisations and their leaders behave right now will have lasting impacts on performance and retention (of customers and staff).

We invite operational and people leaders within large organisations to join us online on Friday 15 May (1400-1600) for this special People Leadership Forum, designed to help leaders transition from the coronavirus pandemic to a new chapter for their organisations. We shall be focusing particularly on the benefits of being consciously creative in preference to being reactive, using the renowned Leadership Circle diagnostic instrument to define the creative competencies and reactive tendencies that have been proven to significantly impact corporate performance.

Participants will be invited to complete a free personal assessment using The Leadership Circle in preparation for the webinar. They will also have the option to attend a free 90 minute coaching session to make sense of their profile in the context of the biggest challenge facing them at this time.

Your facilitator-coach

Our workshop will be hosted and facilitated by Clive Wilson of Primeast and author of “Designing the Purposeful Organization – how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries” (Kogan Page 2015) and “Designing the Purposeful World” (Routledge 2018). Clive will be joined on this special online People Leadership Forum by colleagues from the Primeast team in UK and the US.

During the webinar you will review your own leadership profile and consider how you will adapt your own style to respond to the demands of your current and future situation. As a certified Leadership Circle practitioner, Clive is experienced in interpreting the profile reports and will support you in how you can use the results to improve your own leadership approach.

Clive Wilson is a certified Leadership Circle practitioner and is passionate about helping people uncover their potential for purposeful leadership. You can email him directly if you have any questions prior to the event. Confidentiality is assured.

The webinar will include:

  • Practical tips on transitioning from the coronavirus pandemic to a new chapter for you and your organisation
  • An exploration of the key insights from your completed free Leadership Circle self-assessment, with the option of booking a free 90 minute coaching session to uncover deeper insight from your profile
  • An examination of the challenges you face as a leader in your current and future situation
  • Learning about the benefits of being consciously creative in preference to being reactive

Once you have registered you will receive a link which will direct you to the Leadership Circle Self-Assessment and details of how to join the Forum on Friday 15 May 2020. We look forward to seeing you there.


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About the Facilitator and Coach

Clive Wilson

Clive is an enthusiastic writer, keynote speaker, facilitator and coach, whose main focus is the purposeful alignment and leadership of individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

Experienced in working with leaders and groups of absolutely any size across the world, Clive is committed to organisational sustainability in service of a better world.

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