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The effectiveness of leaders has been proven to have a direct impact on the performance of employees and the wider organisation. However leaders need to be developed especially in light of the challenges they face in today's world. Typically leaders are promoted as a result of their outstanding technical or practical skillset however they can sometimes fail because they haven't developed the personal and people skills, the emotional intelligence and the mindset that they need to be able to lead with agility, authenticity and resilience.

The pace of change has accelerated to such an extent that 75% of the job roles that will exist in 5 years haven't even been invented yet. As a result developing the internal capability to adapt to this pace of change has become critical. Where leaders can demonstrate excellent relating skills, high levels of critical and creative thinking, the ability to lead with courage and compassion, morale soars, teams are highly engaged and the results are reflected in the financial performance of the organisation.

In developing this new agile style of leadership, leaders must demonstrate and master the following key attributes:

Outstanding leaders observe high levels of trust and engagement from the people they lead. This trust is typically based, not on their technical ability, but on their skill in bringing out the best in people; in understanding how individuals like to be treated, inspired and supported to achieve their own potential. Successful leaders that care about their own and the wellbeing of others, demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence, have a willingness to collaborate and use a coaching style will support the development of high performing teams and individuals. Where teams feel supported in this way, they demonstrate high levels of engagement with the delivery of their organisation’s purpose. With increasingly complex team structures this has become even more critical right now.
Agile leaders never stop learning – even in difficult times. This is not just about continuous professional development, crucially, it is also about increased levels of self-awareness. Successful leaders focus on service and the delivery of results that matter over self-interest, personal ambition and the need to take the credit. Leaders with high levels of self-awareness seek balance in everything from home and work to activity and reflection. They remain composed, calm and focused in the face of the stress and conflict that managing change, uncertainty and volatility can bring.
Courage and authenticity are key to gaining the trust of your team and operating with integrity. And because leadership can be tough. How aware are your leaders of the values that matter to themselves, their team and the organisation they serve? Whether they are aligned or miss-matched will have a serious impact on performance and individual wellbeing. This can be measured to see what is working and where attention is needed.
High performing leaders must have a continuous improvement ethos to structures and processes and be open to innovation and change. This requires a level of mastery to manage and assimilate complex information, networks, connections and structures in service of the organisation's purpose and because of the pace of external change this is becoming even more critical. And this must all be done taking into account the impact of and requirement for managing human talent. Being open to innovation and new ways of doing things will support the delivery of sustainable productivity in times of great change. How well a leader can balance the long term high performance of their teams and technical resources in the context of both success and results to deliver the vision matters now more than ever before.
Whilst results are typically viewed as tangible and financial performance, success is measured on both a personal and professional level. Where success looks different to a whole range of stakeholders, the leader must manage and balance all of these whilst maintaining a strategic focus. Where change is inevitable, a leader must similarly balance both the long and short terms perspective and be purposeful and visionary to be able to lead effectively.

What are the challenges you or your leaders face?

Understanding organisational blockers and limiting behaviours is the first step to designing your organisation development strategy. We work with organisations globally to help identify these blockers which are inhibiting growth. Analysing and working with our partners we then design appropriate interventions and training programmes to alleviate blockers and accelerate growth.

Completing this short assessment will help clarify the recurring themes in your organisation. Once completed you will receive a copy of our ebook, "The Leadership Circle: Developing leaders for the 21st century"

Complete Assessment

An integrated approach to Leadership Development

As the business landscape changes, a new approach to leadership and skills development is needed to ensure organisations can continue to thrive and grow. Primeast has been working with leaders globally, providing leadership development and skills development training, for over thirty years with our unique and inter-connected approach.

Working closely with our partners ensures we employ the most appropriate assessment, diagnosis and intervention to achieve the most significant impact. Throughout the design stage, we work hard to create meaningful learning experiences through immersive and experiential learning which has been proven, in thirty years of working with global organisations, to have a more profound, transformative and enduring affect on the internal capability and mindset.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Today's leaders need a new set of skills which reach far beyond the traditional command and control approaches. Greater complexity combined with the challenges of managing people and teams through uncertain times requires new capacities for thinking, acting and engaging to move employees, teams and organisations forward.

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The Leadership Circle™

Based on the Universal Model of Leadership, the Leadership Circle™ is the only comprehensive model that integrates the diverse field of leadership development. It is business relevant, supported by solid metrics, measurement and research and has been applied over a number of years, delivering outstanding results. When implemented with expert coaching and supporting development programmes, it is the most powerful leadership tool you will use.

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Developing Culture | Primeast

Developing Culture

A thriving culture is the most essential investment leaders can make in their organisation, with far-reaching impact on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability. Culture turns conceptual 'values' into actions, behaviours and cohesive, enhanced performance.

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Barrett Values™

Using the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tool (CTT) in conjunction with our own PrimeFocus™ framework we help leaders to understand not only how values are driving the culture of their organisation but also identifying the specifics of where and how those values are playing out. Thus leading to highly targeted action and development solutions that achieve the desired outcomes.

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Alignment & Engagement with Barrett Values | Primeast

Alignment & Engagement

The performance of an organisation can be directly linked to the successful alignment and engagement of its workforce. Outstanding leaders develop and articulate a compelling vision and purpose in order to mobile their workforce and accelerate performance. Find out more about how we can support you in creating these conditions for success.

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The PrimeFocus™ model has been developed over thirty years, working with organisations globally helping them to improve people alignment and engagement. We apply PrimeFocus™ as a framework for understanding the barriers and opportunities within organisations and develop powerful solutions to achieve the objectives identified as an outcome of this process.

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Meet some of our team

We have facilitated, supported, coached and delivered to a range of global organisations in diverse and often heavily regulated industries. Our team of 120+ Associates and certified practitioners are experienced in effecting real transformational thinking and behaviour change.

Gary Edwards | Primeast Global

Gary Edwards

CEO, Primeast Global

Helping people understand what might be holding them back and showing them how they can move forward is the most rewarding work we do. The best leaders create the conditions to allow this to happen.

Beth Williams | Primeast North America

Beth Williams

CEO, Primeast North America

I get a real thrill when I see our ability as human beings to work and accomplish more together in the world than we would alone. After all, it's all about the people; that's where my true passion lies.

Sarah Cave | Primeast Global

Sarah Cave

Director, Partner

Witnessing the impact of an intervention is incredibly rewarding. Those moments when I see the collective strength of a high-performing, energised leadership team are what really motivates me in supporting businesses.

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