Designing a programme to support employees in adapting to and upskilling for successful hybrid working


CBI sought to support the transition from homeworking to hybrid working to ensure the change is embraced as a positive opportunity. Primeast was engaged to design and deliver a programme to support engagement in the process and provide positive perspectives and skill development to ensure its success. The programme was to achieve the following outcomes:

To help employees engage with and appreciate the advantages and challenges of a hybrid workplace

To raise awareness of key skills required and for employees to develop them further to be better applied

To develop the skills and knowledge to be able to lead and participate in efficient meetings - in the context of a range of ways of working which included hybrid/online/face-to-face

To develop tips and techniques related to performance management in a hybrid workplace.

The Solution

Primeast were engaged to design and deliver a solution to support the transition to new ways of working; bringing experience of supporting clients with remote/hybrid working and cross-cultural teamworking.

Three x 90 minute workshops, each with a different focus were created to form a short programme and made available on multiple occasions - Thriving in a hybrid workplace. The programme comprised the following:

Initial design consultation was carried out to ensure the client’s needs were fully understood, a pattern that forms the basis of our consulting model, ELAS™ (Engage – Learn – Apply – Sustain: the model ensures all the necessary and desired aspects of a project are discussed between the client and Primeast so we can effectively create the conditions for sustainable performance improvement). A key element of this process was a close liaison with the project manager for the programme, in order to ensure a smooth roll out which would capture all managers.

Workshops were interactive to enable the participants’ thoughts to be shared and considered and to provide a forum to reflect on what employees could do to support the initiative.

Programme Benefits

Content of the programme:

  1. Reintegrating to hybrid workplace was designed to consider individuals benefits, challenges and recognise impact of change and need for resilience.
  2. Better skills for hybrid working focuses on critical communication considerations, that often get overlooked due to habit. How to be open and curious to fully understand others, and the challenges faced when meeting and facilitating when hybrid working
  3. Performance in hybrid teams examines the impact hybrid working has on decision making, and a perception that performance management is different/difficult.

Benefits of the programme:

  • An increased awareness of thinking beyond personal needs and consider those of other stakeholders when planning good use of time and space
  • Improved communication approaches in the context of hybrid working e.g. managing expectations with care, consideration and flexibility
  • Recognition of the opportunity to improve meeting facilitation
  • Establishing fresh expectations and identifying opportunities for improvement including performance management approaches

The Results

Primeast supported CBI as an organisation in its communications both before and after the programme. This was supplemented by the sharing of insights and challenges for further development and actions. Collateral which could be distributed internally included the 'Developing SKills for Hybrid Working' report which was made available to CBI members. It included some essential guidance for organisations to consider in the adoption of hybrid working.

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Hybrid Working Guide

Sharing expertise and outcomes with the organisation's members: read this Hybrid Working guide, accessible to CBI members to find out more essential guidance on developing the skills to make hybrid working a success.

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Thriving with Hybrid Working

One of the outputs of the programme was the creation of some useful guidance for successful work practices and behaviours. Produced in collaboration with CBI, read our 8 top tips to creating a thriving hybrid workplace.

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“Supporting our employees as we adopt new ways of working with this programme has allowed us to explore the opportunities of hybrid working and surface some critical challenges and agree consensus on some important approaches that we can embed to ensure its successful adoption. The sessions have been highly interactive and engaging and expertly facilitated giving people the time and safe space to explore how they can align their own needs with those of the wider organisation."

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