Delivery and Design

Creating meaningful learning experiences

Learning and development for today's needs

Our dedicated wrap-around project teams are experienced in the highest quality learning and adult development design and are supported by a creative and technical team who produce the materials for both online and face-to-face learning environments. Designing for a diverse range of learning platforms, our programme content can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Content Design

Programme content is expertly designed to provide an impactful learning experience:

  • content is tailored to account for a diverse range of learning styles
  • resources provided encourage interaction and high levels of engagement
  • innovative design specifically created for the virtual learning environment
  • facilitators are experienced in delivering the appropriate blend of knowledge and skill development
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Programme Delivery

Proactive management of the learning experience delivers long-lasting results:

  • facilitators have a deep understanding of the workplace context to ensure genuine learning transfer takes place
  • facilitators are accredited in a range of assessment tools and are experienced in supporting the diagnosis and defining development outcomes
  • our team of facilitators are located across the world to ensure cultural sensitivity and localised expertise
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Virtual Learning

We use a number of platforms to suit the environment, setting and programme requirements. We create virtual learning experiences which allow for high levels of online facilitator engagement, cohort interaction, supporting resources, progress monitoring and virtual breakouts, achieving a sense of interaction, guided and managed learning and application to the workplace situation.

The Learning Experience

Your facilitator, coach or consultant will be selected based on experience, cultural fit and style and throughout the learning experience they will actively intervene and apply learning to the specific workplace situation to ensure learning transfer is sustained and long-lasting. We support organisations in creating coaching cultures to embed skills and knowledge for long-term return on investment; empowering and equipping people with the skills and attributes to become resilient and adaptable leaders.

Learning Transfer

In the early stages of programme design for any learning situations, we will discuss ways to create meaningful application opportunities and ensure these opportunities are designed and managed to support ongoing development. Our facilitators and coaches are available to support reflection and analysis, face-to-face and virtually, to provide deeper understanding and positive learning transfer.

Adaptive Design

Our design team remains responsive through the programme to ensure resources can continue to be developed in response to learning journeys and feedback from the client. This ensures we make the most of the insights gathered from key stakeholders which can be reviewed and additional support added as appropriate.

A new approach to learning and development

Research from a number of recent studies suggests that traditional development will not adequately equip people with the skills required to adapt to the change and challenges ahead. THis is why we take an integrated approach which incorporates external skills development with a focus on enhancing the ‘internal operating system’. People who have been through our programmes consistently show significant increases in both behaviour, skills and tangible results.

PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment
PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment
PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment
PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment
PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment
PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment
PrimeFocus Conditions for Leadership Alignment

How we do it

When training focuses on function and delivery, it often results in a return to default behaviour. Our approach is focused on the nature of the stimulus and application of learning to the workplace. As a result we deliver real impact, genuine behaviour change and tangible outcomes.

Stimulus is designed to appeal to a range of learning styles and provoke a new way of thinking.

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