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The Primeast Approach

“The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.”

At Primeast, engaging, experiential and impactful learning is central to what we do. Digital learning is no different.

We'll work closely with you to design and deliver digital learning that is finely tuned to the needs of your organisation and its people — being relevant, realistic, fun, engaging and experiential. This approach ensures that learning is memorable and that it fosters behaviour change and performance improvement in the workplace.

Digital learning can take many forms such as video explainers, tools, interactive elearning modules for self-directed learning and games that focus on raising knowledge about a particular topic, or more complex scenarios or simulations. Working with clients we develop digital resources which can be hosted on your LMS, creating high quality, engaging micro-learning opportunities for employees across your organisation.

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More complex interactions, such as scenarios and simulations, are a great way to bring about behaviour change and performance improvement because they facilitate higher order learning — application, analysis, evaluation and creativity — which helps to bring about new ways of thinking and working.

Digital Learning Examples

Below are some examples of Digital Learning solutions that we've created for clients. For each example, you have the option of either viewing a video demonstration or trying a demo yourself.


Shouter is a Twitter style experiential and explorative activity where the learner discovers the meaning of fixed and growth mindset in a non-linear way.

Learners will understand the meaning of 'fixed' and 'growth' mindset. Learners will reflect on their own mindset in specific workplace situations, and they'll consider changing it.

Shouter works well as a complementary resource to classroom learning on 'growth' mindset. It would work particularly well as a pre-classroom activity or as post classroom reinforcement.

Lions' Lair

Lions' Lair is an experiential scenario in the style of the Dragons' Den TV programme in the UK (Shark Tank in the US). It's designed to develop financial acumen. Learners choose a product and attempt to convince the Lions that it's worth their time and investment.

Learners will better understand what makes a business, or a specific product, attractive to stakeholders — specifically investors. Learners will understand specific financial words and phrases. Feedback will help learners to improve how they communicate to investors and stakeholders.

Lions' Lair works well as a reinforcement activity for a financial awareness learning solution.

Do or Don't Challenge

The Do or Don't Challenge is a gamified activity where learners discover tips for giving feedback effectively. A hint system enables learners to find answers for themselves, and detailed feedback helps to embed knowledge and understanding.

Learners will become familiar with a range of tips for giving feedback effectively.

This is a flexible activity that could be used at various points within a blended learning programme to build or reinforce knowledge and understanding about feedback.

The Opportunity

"The Opportunity" is a branching scenario on the topic of seeking and receiving feedback effectively. Learners make choices at key points, consequences are explored and detailed feedback is given.

Learners aim to reach a good outcome where they have sought and received feedback well. Knowledge and understanding of the topic is reinforced.

This digital resource is designed so that the learner applies existing learning. Therefore, this would work well as a post classroom, or post course, resource.

Maximise the Potential of Your LMS

Learning Management Systems provide numerous benefits to learners and organisations. Maximising those benefits can be challenging — for numerous reasons. We can help.

learning management system illustration


Are you currently in need of an LMS? Are you in the process of acquiring an LMS, or replacing your current one? We can provide our Digital Campus LMS — which can be branded and moulded to your needs.


Would you appreciate support in developing resources on your LMS? We can support you to better understand your LMS's potential and build learning programmes and resources that take into account the needs of your people.


Do you need advice around LMS strategy? We can advise you on how you to integrate your LMS with broader blended learning programmes, initiatives and evaluation.

Blended Learning

Our digital learning can be a standalone self-paced solution, or it could form part of a blended learning programme. As part of a blended programme digital learning can be used as an activity undertaken prior to an instructor led classroom event or as an activity learners complete afterwards to reinforce or enhance learning.

Our Future Skills blended programmes, which you can find out about below, provide a blend of classroom, virtual classroom and digital learning to meet the needs of your organisation.

A Future Skills Focus

Getting future fit means building the mindset to be agile, to be able to operate in complexity, to have the resilience and mental fitness to be able to self-lead and be open to explore, empathise, innovate, navigate and to act. Drawing on industry leading thinking and word-class tools we use in the development of leaders and teams, we categorise future skills into 3 key areas. These inform the design of all of our programmes.


When facing an uncertain and unpredictable future—where 85% of jobs in the next 5 years haven’t even been invented yet—it's vital that you help your employees develop an agile, flexible, self-aware and self–managing mindset so that they can adapt and take responsibility for their own performance as the business world changes round them.


Making the most of working relationships requires a deeper awareness of the impact you have on others so that you can self-regulate. This Emotional Intelligence can be learnt but it does need the support of coaches and facilitators who understand how to identify behaviour traps that have a negative effect on others.


We develop the critical skills and knowledge needed to complete tasks and activities more effectively. This might range from managing performance, to driving innovation or coaching team members in order to improve their skills and empower them in their roles.

Future Skills Portfolio

Getting future fit means building the mindset to be agile, to be able to operate in complexity, to have the resilience and mental fitness to be able to self-lead and be open to explore, empathise, innovate, navigate and to act. Drawing on industry leading thinking and word-class tools we use in the development of leaders and teams, we categorise future skills into 3 key areas. View our Future Skills modules below:

To understand more about the skill gaps in your organisation we will design and implement a bespoke Development Needs Assessment, ensuring your L & D investment is targeted at getting your employees future fit and equipped with the desired skills and attributes for sustainable and continuous growth.

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