Primeast is looking forward to supporting the Nuclear Skills Festival 2021 being hosted by the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group and Women in Nuclear UK. This is the 6th year running we have supported WiN and we are offering 4 free highly practical and engaging workshops for all delegates.

The themes are transferability of skills and developing higher level skills for the future. These workshops will help provide deeper perspectives into how you can develop the critical awareness and skills you need to be able to navigate a constantly changing future.

Here's a summary of our workshops, meet our facilitators and find out more about their workshops below.

  • You’re on mute! - honing your online communication skills
    22 March 2021 - Simon Tarver, Partner at Primeast
  • Leaders Create the Weather - understanding impact on others
    23 March 2021 - Beth Williams, CEO & Amy Wilczynski, Senior Consultant & Coach - Primeast North America
  • Connecting with Purpose - because purpose matters more than ever
    24 March 2021 - Russell Evans, CEO & MD, Primeast
  • You’re pushing my buttons - regain control when your values are challenged
    25 March 2021 - Martin Carver, Partner at Primeast
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You’re on mute! - honing your online communication skills

Communication has changed, and it’s taken some getting used to. Remote working has meant we’ve all had to establish new norms for communicating, teamworking and collaborating. It’s more important to connect in new and different ways with colleagues and our friends and family.

Simon will explore some of the new norms you can adopt to help build trust in remote teams. Understanding the impact of remote working on others and how you can build successful remote working relationships.

22 March - Simon Tarver

Simon is a highly skilled coach and facilitator in leadership management and the development of high-performing teams. His values are based on helping people develop to a level of higher performance, effectively managing and delivering innovative and challenging development initiatives for clients across industries.

Leaders Create the Weather - understanding impact on others

With over 75% of roles not invented yet, one of the greatest challenges to individuals and organisations is the development of relevant skills to keep apace with the needs of customers and markets. The good news is; you can start today. With such fast pace of change, the most effective strategy to ensure you’re ‘future ready’ is to equip yourself with the critical and creative thinking skills you’ll need to help you adapt and be agile regardless of the challenges you’ll face in your future career.

This practical, workshop will introduce some of the skills you'll need as either a future leader - or manager - supporting a team. You will gain important personal insight by completing a ‘mindset stocktake’ using the Leadership Circle Self Assessment. You will have the opportunity to explore some of these insights in smaller break out group activities. We invite you to take the self assessment now.

Complete the leadership self assessment

23 March - Beth Williams & Amy Wilczynski

Beth has an energetic and engaging style. She is committed to her work with leaders to strengthen their capacity to respond effectively to a complex, changing world. She brings a wealth of sales, marketing, management and human development experience to her coaching, training and change management.

Amy is a coach and trainer of all levels, including executive. She is a transformation consultant and creative facilitator and her workshops are packed with high energy and creativity, creating a safe space for experiential learning.

Connecting with Purpose - because purpose matters more than ever

Our experience of the last year has made us pause and question our ‘Why?’ on an individual and organisational level. Understanding your own purpose is probably the most important work you’ll do. When our purpose is aligned to the work of our organisation, we are more energised, focused and we achieve better results. When an organisation understands its purpose and all employees are aligned, that’s when we begin to see transformational results.

Russell will use the PrimeFocus™ framework to provide new perspective for thinking and challenging the status quo on an individual, team and organisation level. You will be guided through a practical activity in break out groups to help uncover insights around how aligned you feel to your organisation right now. It will encourage strategic thinking and give you the language to start a conversation around purposeful leadership, engagement and alignment which will have a profound effect on your own and your organisation’s performance. We invite you to complete the short self-assessment before the session to get the most out of the workshop.

Complete the PrimeFocus™ self assessment

24 March - Russell Evans

Russell works at a strategic level with Primeast clients who want to develop as a learning organisation, also supporting leaders on their development journey. He brings a wealth of global experience across a range of sectors, particularly highly matrixed, often highly regulated environments.

You’re pushing my buttons - regain control when your values are challenged

The past 12 months has affected all of us in different ways; from bereavement, illness, career challenges, changing working practices, resiliency, mental health and so much more. Many report that they have been taking stock of what really matters; reassessing their values, mindset and behaviours.

Martin’s practical workshop will guide you through the process of understanding your values and the triggers that test those values - making the link between mindset and behaviour. You will explore a number of tactics to manage your values ‘hot buttons’ and your own emotional state and resiliency, resulting in a more purposeful and sustainable performance. To get the most from the discussions, we invite you to complete the short Personal Values assessment beforehand.


25 March - Martin Carver
Martin uses his extensive, leadership, co-active coaching, team development and consultancy experience for global clients across a variety of industries. He is passionate in supporting growth and learning, facilitating transformational and values-based leadership, developing people and organisations for sustainable results.

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