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The Cultural Game Plan: Creating a Cultural Action Plan to Improve the Employee Experience

Is your employee experience holding your organization back from achieving its potential? What you need is a cultural action plan.

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How intrapreneurism is becoming crucial for talent management

In a fast moving world, intrapreneurs will support and drive change within organisations. We explore how leaders can create the conditions for intrapreneurs to thrive.

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Barrett Values: Why we took the test

Gary Edwards reveals the results of the Primeast Barrett VAlues CTT survey and demonstrates it values to organisations in developing culturally aligned teams

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Millennials - success is changing, and rapidly

Following a challenge at a recent Talent Forum event, Clive Wilson shares his tips on attracting, engaging and retaining millenials. They can bring a renewed energy to your leadership and a breath of fresh air for your existing employees who might also welcome a more modern experience.

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