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Managing Ambivalent Team Relationships

An ambivalent relationship is classed as a relationship in which both positive and negative feelings are present, usually with tension and conflict. It's the classic love/hate situation that requires careful balance.

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The role of emotional intelligence in the pharma industry

Developing emotional intelligence of those within the pharma industry can improve individual, team and project performance. | Primeast

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Self-awareness - the beginning of leadership

Inspired by Antony Tjan, David Evans considers the whole person leadership approach and why it is critical when investing in improving leadership effectiveness. And why the first step in any development journey is self-awareness

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An Overplayed Strength can become a Weakness

As a leader, being aware of your strengths, and using them, is a key to success for you and your team. It is important to note that overplaying a strength can become a weakness and let you down. Russell Evans looks at three leadership strengths and how they can add value, or hold you back if overplayed.

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Stages of adult development - where are you on the journey to Purposeful Leadership?

Where are you in the stages of adult development on your journey to Leading with Purpose?

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Why the Leadership Journey Matters

The journey to adulthood is long and constantly evolving. It also aligns with the leadership journey, with support needed at every stage. Where are you on the leadership journey? Find out more about how an adult development approach supports your leadership development.

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Transformational Leadership in the VUCA World

In the VUCA world – in which we live, work, and play in an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – traditional leadership is failing. We explore how leaders can transform their organisations by developing teams and building strength across the organisation.

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