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Four opportunities to develop skills for the future

Primeast is delighted to be supporting WiN for the 6th year running. We are running 5 workshops during the virtual Nuclear Skills Festival. You can find out more about the workshops, access free assessments and sign up to the Nuclear Skills Festival here.

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Are you a snowplough employer?

Clive Wilson Primeast and Denis Kelly ESB explore the millennial or "Snowflake" Generation at Dublin Talent Forum. How to source, grow and retain technical talent that can develop the future skills that currently don't exist but will be critical to our future as a business.

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Millennials - success is changing, and rapidly

Following a challenge at a recent Talent Forum event, Clive Wilson shares his tips on attracting, engaging and retaining millenials. They can bring a renewed energy to your leadership and a breath of fresh air for your existing employees who might also welcome a more modern experience.

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