Hybrid working is impacting many office workers and their colleagues who are having to change the way they do things. In some organisations, where the ink on the policies and procedures has only just dried, leaders are beginning to realise these new ways of working are presenting challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

We've been working with a number of organisations over the last eighteen months supporting them, their leaders and teams to develop the skills and knowledge required to be able to adapt, support and lead their teams as they move towards 'hybrid' or 'blended' working practices.

The process of adopting hybrid working practices isn't simply a case of sharpening up on your employees' online communication skills. There are a significant number of factors to take into account from policies and procedures to behaviours and performance measures. Not only that, you need engagement and commitment from all involved. We've provided this simple summary of some specific considerations if you're having to adopt and embrace hybrid working practices.

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