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Why purpose matters more than ever

Clive Wilson considers how PrimeFocus can be used as a framework for leaders to stay true to purpose despite the current challenges. Helping you manage the short term and long term perspectives

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How to lead in a VUCA world

David Evans reflects on the need for a new set of skills in a rapidly changing world that will help leaders navigate the challenge and uncertainty they face on a daily basis. And why we must focus on learning and development that develops the internal operating system

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How to foster purposeful leadership

The Leadership Circle is a 360 degree instrument to give leaders feedback on the extent to which they are creative or reactive leaders. Primeast's practitioner network includes a highly experienced, team of international accredited Leadership Circle Profile coaches.

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Defining culture and values as leaders

David Evans explores the roles of culture, values and purpose in leadership. We can develop the self-awareness and creative competencies to deliver the conditions in which everyone can do their best at work.

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Leadership - a voyage of discovery?

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