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Hybrid Working - 7 Top tips for better teamworking

Hybrid Working is no longer a thing of the future. Its here now and the reality is starting to hit for many leaders and organisations. Do you need to upskill your leaders or teams to help them adapt? Check out our 7 Top tips for better hybrid teamworking.

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Transformational Leadership in the VUCA World

In the VUCA world – in which we live, work, and play in an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – traditional leadership is failing. We explore how leaders can transform their organisations by developing teams and building strength across the organisation.

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10 Critical Skills Needed for Developing Leaders

10 Critical Skills Needed for Developing Leaders to meet future challenges. Do you have them now? Find your opportunities for development with our skills assessment.

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A Human Enterprise

In his book ‘A Promised Land’ former US President Barack Obama describes that part of his intent in writing the book was to lift the veil on the role of The President and the government to show that they form a “human enterprise like any other”.

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Nancy Mattenberger, Infor speaks to Sarah Cave

Congratulations to Nancy for being voted one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in IT Services 2020! In 2015 she shared with us her journey, the challenges she's encountered as a female leader, and her tips for those looking to get to the top.

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The Next Adventure - creating opportunity from crisis

Russell Evans considers the opportunity for leaders to re-imagine a new and better future in a post pandemic world and how leaders can begin to create a vision for the future - regardless of continuing change and challenge

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How to lead in uncertainty

Martin Carver reflects on the challenges facing all leaders at the present time: how to lead with clarity, vision and purpose in the face of such unpredictable and uncertain times. Introducing the VUCAR response as a framework to guide you

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Why purpose matters more than ever

Clive Wilson considers how PrimeFocus can be used as a framework for leaders to stay true to purpose despite the current challenges. Helping you manage the short term and long term perspectives

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How to lead in a VUCA world

David Evans reflects on the need for a new set of skills in a rapidly changing world that will help leaders navigate the challenge and uncertainty they face on a daily basis. And why we must focus on learning and development that develops the internal operating system

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Millennials - success is changing, and rapidly

Following a challenge at a recent Talent Forum event, Clive Wilson shares his tips on attracting, engaging and retaining millenials. They can bring a renewed energy to your leadership and a breath of fresh air for your existing employees who might also welcome a more modern experience.

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