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Why the Leadership Journey Matters

The journey to adulthood is long and constantly evolving. It also aligns with the leadership journey, with support needed at every stage. Where are you on the leadership journey? Find out more about how an adult development approach supports your leadership development.

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What will leadership look like in the future?

What will leadership look like in the future? Why introverts could lead you to success.

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How resilient do you feel right now?

Our resilience is being tested now more than ever. Having the skills and understanding to develop and maintain resiliency is good for personal wellbeing and that of managers and teams.

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Understanding your Purpose

Follow this free recorded session, in your own time, as Sarah Cave guides you through the process as you complete your PVA and explore the true nature of your personal values and purpose. Helping you develop the awareness of what drives you personally and professionally

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Building resiliency as leaders

Chris Lazenby, Primeast Associate, suggests some practical ways you can build resilience as a leader during these uncertain times. How managing your own state will ensure you can support your teams more effectively

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Defining culture and values as leaders

David Evans explores the roles of culture, values and purpose in leadership. We can develop the self-awareness and creative competencies to deliver the conditions in which everyone can do their best at work.

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Line managers as champions of learning

How embedding a culture of learning in your organisation starts with line managers and ensures any investment in learning and development is sustained for long term behaviour change and improved performance

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