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Analytical Skills Vs Critical Thinking

Do your employees possess the analytical skills and critical thinking talent you need for your business to excel? We examine which are most important

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What is facilitation and how to excel at it

The role of the facilitator is so much more than the leader of meetings. Here Warwick Abbott discusses how businesses can make the most of these skilled professionals.

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Nancy Mattenberger, Infor speaks to Sarah Cave

Congratulations to Nancy for being voted one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in IT Services 2020! In 2015 she shared with us her journey, the challenges she's encountered as a female leader, and her tips for those looking to get to the top.

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Line managers as champions of learning

How embedding a culture of learning in your organisation starts with line managers and ensures any investment in learning and development is sustained for long term behaviour change and improved performance

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Managing millennials

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