Meeting the leadership challenge in a competitive global marketplace

The Industry Challenge

With a subdued air settling over the industry, organisations are under pressure to turn things around. With economic expansion starting to turn to stagnation or even decline in many parts of the world, there are many hurdles to overcome.

Investment is low and business-to-business spending is dropping off. While consumer sentiment is largely improving, a volatile global economy is threatening stability. Add into the mix security concerns, increased regulation, health and safety issues and emerging technologies, and a challenging picture emerges for manufacturing.

Companies need to be able to do it all: innovate and bring products to market, lower costs and focus on efficiency, while using resource to trial and implement new technologies; and remain competitive, while complying with rules and regulations.

Proven Results

Working with organisations globally providing leadership and organisation development solutions, from graduate programmes to executive coaching, for 30 years, with proven measurable results.

Customised offerings

Creating highly effective, customised solutions to ensure you achieve your training and development objectives, using a blend of innovative approaches, materials and methods.

Applied Learning

Experienced practitioners deliver highly engaging and applied learning experiences, ensuring participants demonstrate real, lasting behaviour change resulting in significant performance improvement.

How We Work with You

  • The initial consultation is deep and detailed to ensure we can deliver the right solution, programme structure and support for your specific requirements.
  • A dedicated project team designs the appropriate solution for your needs which can include a range of methods, delivery styles, materials and tools.
  • Our accredited coaches can apply a range of tools, if appropriate, to support development through detailed and effective analysis.
  • The facilitator, equipped with a detailed understanding of the workplace challenges and situations, manages the learning experience to ensure meaningful transfer of learning, directly back to the workplace.

Ensuring an Outstanding Experience

  • Our global network of associates and consultants reaches across the globe, ensuring localised and culturally sensitive expertise; the right person, in the right place at the right time.
  • Our associates and consultants are accredited in a range of evidence-based development tools allowing us to apply the right tool for the job.
  • We provide wrap-around support to the client and the delivery team, with dedicated project teams ensuring an efficient and well co-ordinated experience.

Working with You to Achieve Improved Performance

Our particular area of expertise is people development and organisational alignment. We can help if you need to:

  • Create a culture that facilitates ongoing innovation and learning, as well as policies and procedures that allow for the realisation of ideas.
  • Build world-class technical and project leadership within a global context.
  • Liberate talent to maximise output and performance.
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills within teams to ensure they have everything they need to work together effectively.
  • Identify ways to deliver more for less by focusing on your purpose and vision.
  • Create efficient and diplomatic intercultural working with the industry and key stakeholders.
  • Align all stakeholders to ensure shared ownership of success. This includes responsibility for compliance, health and safety, product and service delivery, etc.

“It was a great platform to springboard the conversation within teams. Without this, we would have struggled to hold the relevant conversations around the big themes”

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