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Bringing learning to life

Bringing learning to life

Here, you'll find a selection of our most popular subject matter videos. Introducing core themes, our in-house design team creates and curates content for use as pre-work or to supplement learning. By preparing participants prior to sessions we can focus on learning through experience during workshops. This has proven to deliver greater impact; allowing participants to learn through action and direct experience.

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How we work with you

Our in-house design team works with clients to create the tools needed to bring the learning and development to life. Working with your own learning management system (or our own Digital Campus) we ensure the tools and assets provide the engagement, stimulation and learning experience to suit the environment whether that is virtual, flipped classroom, elearning or face-to-face.


From the very beginning, we listen so that we truly understand the challenges you face, both internally and externally. And because we've walked in your shoes, we understand.


Our dedicated design team create the programme, including all materials to suit the delivery, the sector, the business context, the environment, the timescales and the budget.


Our global team of highly skilled, accredited Associates allows us to match the right person to deliver in terms of skills, experience, style, language and cultural fit.

What our clients say

“Primeast facilitated the creation of a high performance ‘Change Team’ to work on a significant business challenge to support Cape’s continued commitment to organisational success. The design was outstanding as it combined theory and practice; provided on-line resources, experiential activities, testing and challenging provocative thinking. The facilitation skills were exceptional as we explored leadership. There was clearly a golden thread of facilitation, not prescriptive training. The EQi 360 was used effectively and sensitively to support the learning and will form part of the on-going coaching”


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