The Universal Model of Leadership

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Accelerating change through leadership development

As global issues intersect with the business environment, leaders are increasingly faced with a new and emerging global reality - escalating complexity. This complexity will only continue resulting in increasing ambiguity, uncertainty, volatility, and at times, market disruption. This presents extraordinary challenges for today's leaders; and the need to develop the creative capacity in our leadership to continually transform the organisation in response to rapidly changing market conditions.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ and System™ is based on the Universal Model of Leadership, which integrates the best theory, research and practice in the field of leadership development. It reflects the six core systems which create a framework for organisational change:

Successful organisational change relies on a culture of accountability; the creation of a working environment where all individuals, teams and leaders are accountable to each other and deliver on their commitments in service of the organisation's purpose.
An organisation and all its parts cannot be aligned without an effective exchange of information. Communication is at the heart of outstanding leadership; to be able to connect, co-ordinate, create and communicate the vision and engage the sum of all parts in the direction of the organisational goal is critical. Without communication, most organisational change will fail.
Leaders must tend to the development and implementation of the very best means and methods required to deliver the products and services to their customers.
As with Primeast's own framework, PrimeFocus™, an organisation is built on its talent. Leaders must consider selecting, retaining and developing the right people to enable an organisation to move forward and grow.
Metrics need to be defined and data collated to ensure a clear and common set of measurements to track performance in terms of operations, opportunities and improvements to gain strategic or competitive advantage.
Responsible for navigating the complex, interlocking systems at play, made even more challenging in a constantly changing world; articulating the vision and strategy, defining the culture, and committing to the results the organisation needs to thrive.

“By illuminating the underlying thinking patterns that drive behaviour we give access to new choices and possibilitlities.”

The Leadership Circle™

Leadership Matters

Leadership makes a difference, not just in the results we create but the quality of life we lead. The Leadership Circle founders (Anderson and Adams) established the four promises of leadership, based on extensive research and field experience.

Four Universal Promises of Leadership:

  1. Set the right direction and create meaningful work
  2. Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable
  3. Ensure that processes and systems facilitate focus and execution
  4. Lead effectively

Transformational Leadership

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the most comprehensive 360 assessment created. Based on the Universal Model of Leadership it is employed as a diagnostic tool which aids analysis of the structures of mind and performance. It is built on the principle that leaders develop through a series of sequential stages which involves the movement from default behaviours (reactive tendencies) which might limit performance to creative competencies which unlock leadership potential, resulting in organisational transformation and the development of high performing teams.

Read more about the theory behind the Universal Model of Leadership and how this translates into better results and a measurable impact on your leaders and your organisation. Source: The Leadership Circle™.


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  • Transform your organisation - scaling business by developing leadership effectiveness
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