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The Risk Factor

Will your company be one of the 70% that fail in their organizational change vision?

Or, will change drive results and move your business forward like IBM, GE, Apple and Google?

Most companies struggle to put change into action, which presents real challenge when change has become the 'everyday' rather than a one-time event. Successful organizational change needs to be planned and executed with strategic intent, it requires a new mindset, and its requires care and effort with communication, leadership modelling, management engagement and workforce alignment to be successful. Equipping your leaders and their teams with the skills to successfully drive change requires the development of Change Intelligence.

Change Intelligence (CQi) requires a blend of Knowledge (the theories, frameworks and processes), the Mindset (the emotional intelligence, mental fitness and resilience to manage self and others through change including the inner development to understand how to empathize, connect and engage with colleagues as they navigate complexity and change), and the Practical Change Skills to be able to consciously communicate, negotiate and influence:

Acting as a Change Agent or Change Leader demands a level of knowledge and practice around the planning and implementation of change. Change begins with a compelling purpose and vision and then project management skills to deliver without losing clear sight of the overarching vision. We apply Kotter's 8 Accelerators of Change model when working with leaders, giving them the confidence to lead change successfully. However without developing the practical skills to mobilize Change and turn thinking into action, transformational change will often fall short as organizations fall into the trap of thinking they can lead 'as normal' until the next change is required. Change is constant and leaders must develop the mindset AND skills along with the knowledge to be able to respond to change as 'flow'.
Agile leaders develop the mental fitness and mindset to be able to continuously navigate change while staying true to the organizational purpose and their own inner compass. This requires the development of emotional intelligence to be able to empathize, connect and support colleagues and teams as they work through the cycle of change emotions and behaviors. Developing this deeper, most sustainable 'change intelligence' approach requires awareness of each person's limiting behaviors and mastery of their creative competencies. We support leaders with this using a number of selected tools, depending on the specific context e.g. the Leadership Circle 360 Profile or the EQi 2.0 diagnostic. It might also be appropriate to support teams experiencing change and complexity by developing their mental fitness using a Positive Intelligence (PQ) approach. We design workshops and provide coaching for teams and individuals to develop their emotional intelligence, providing a foundation for long term improvement in performance and a greater sense of fulfilment and personal growth.
Change fails where there is a lack of a compelling vision and urgency to motivate action and where those implementing change do not have a clear plan and the skills to mobilize others. Our unique approach to developing Change Intelligence incorporates the bringing to life of knowledge with the development of practical skills e.g. how to overcome resistance through courageous conversations, how to deal with the uncomfortable for a better outcome, thinking creatively to solve problems etc.

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Before embarking on ANY change process, read our Guide 'How to Overcome Resistance to Change'

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Specialists in the science of change management we take a comprehensive approach. Working WITH and ALONGSIDE you, we will help you identify the critical barriers to, and opportunities for change, we will identify your change leaders, give them the skills and mindset to make change happen and support you in mobilizing your workforce to engage and drive change. We will support individuals and teams through the difficult phases of organizational change.

7 Strategies for Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming resistance to change in the workplace doesn't have to be a constant battle. WIth a forward-looking and proactive strategy which encompasses the whole organization, resistance to change is first reduced then eliminated.

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