Consciously Communicate

How do your behaviors give away the type of leader you are and how can understanding of your natural behavior traits increase your effectiveness as a manager?

Mastering Communication

In this information wealthy world, organizations with a flatter management hierarchy that uses collaboration as a communication tool are rapidly moving to the head of their industries. In these organizations, managers and business leaders know how to communicate consciously. They disseminate a consistent and continuous message through their effective use of communication techniques.

We help build communication skills and abilities by first tackling the need to become engaged listeners, working on emotional intelligence, and collaborating to effectively resolve conflict.

Primeast has over thirty years' of direct experience helping clients be more effective in their communication at every level. Increasingly we work with firms that face issues of culture clash within the same office and across borders. Together, we co-author team building activities with our clients and provide creative solutions to their needs so that they reap the benefits of their diverse workforce.

The Art of Motivation and Collaboration
  • Are your teams motivated to succeed?
  • Is there effective cross-departmental communication?
  • Do your managers run effective meetings?
  • Are your managers aware of the complexities of managing across cultures and generations?

Success in the modern business environment is determined by the ability of your people to work collaboratively. With flatter management hierarchies, a higher degree of competence in communication is an essential skill in the manager’s toolbox. Managers who employ a wide range of communication skills, including awareness of emotional intelligence, will better motivate and engage their people. Engaged employees listen rather than hear, therefore they contribute and become more valuable and proactive players in the strategic vision of the organization.

Communicating Effectively

Effective communication requires managers to accept and encourage information flow to be a two-way street. Consider:

  • How do your managers run team meetings?
  • Do they listen to their people and use their understanding of those team members to create a collaborative approach to problem-solving? If not, what is the cost?
  • Relying too much on reactive tendencies results in low levels of leadership effectiveness which has a direct impact on business performance.

When a manager employs effective communication skills, their co-workers begin to respond positively, feel valued and experience high motivation levels. This is what we call inspired leadership. We help build communication skills; increasing engagement, working on emotional intelligence, and collaborating to effectively resolve conflict.

Building Communication Intelligence

Working with executives, we find a number of common barriers to effective communication. These barriers are often transferred to colleagues and employees, doubling the communication roadblock that is at the root of workplace conflict and apathy for the strategic vision. Common barriers include:

  • Mindset can be locked in the traditional methods of management: dictatorial rather than collaborative. Stress caused by this mindset often leads to the misreading of nonverbal signals. Reflex actions overpower a more thoughtful approach to conflict resolution. We ask leaders to be conscious of their listening patterns. Our filters interpret what we hear.
  • Inconsistent or negative body language and energy often contradict the verbal message, leading to the listener sensing dishonesty and disagreement.
  • Multitasking managers often lack focus and fail to notice non-verbal signals during meetings and appraisal sessions

Conflicts can arise as a result of poor communication; when these conflicts go unresolved in the workplace disrupt productivity and harm workplace morale. When employees are coached to manage conflict, the benefits are widespread in the organization. Find out more about developing communication skills to manage conflict effectively:

Customized or 'off the shelf'?

There are 2 options available to you now if you're looking to build communication skills. Speak to the team about how we will design and deliver a customized program to satisfy your specific objectives or find out more about the Consciously Communicate program.

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