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Complete the assessment questions below and press SUBMIT to receive your Change-Ready Indicator summary

We have a clear picture or vision of the intended future (people, policies, processes, technology)

The purpose or rationale of the change we are trying to create is clear and understood by our leadership.

We have considered the change process and have a clear roadmap to reach our destination

We have the appropriate people and financial resources available to implement the desired changes

Competing priorities, goals or hidden conflicts that can affect how successfully changes are implemented, have been identified and addressed

We know how to effectively measure change initiatives to best grow our business

We have a plan for how we will communicate, when we will share information, what information will be shared and who will be communicated to during this initiative

There is a clear sponsor or champion of the change initiative we are considering

We have people with the skills and knowledge to lead the change we are trying to create

Changes in our organization are typically implemented as intended, in the timeframe identified and within the budget allocated

Overall, our organization leads, manages, and supports change in an effective, energizing way

Our culture typically works for us (instead of against us) to support changes in the organization

We have considered how the changes will affect our people and our customers

We have identified the skills, knowledge and engagement gaps which we need to fill to ensure the change initiative is successful