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Engage Your Employees and Boost Your Sales

5 Internal Communication Best Practices to Drive Employee Engagement

Among the most effective strategies to boost sales is to engage target customers with your brand. Many organizations do this exceptionally well, employing methods that communicate with customers across many channels, including blogs, social media, eBooks, videos, adverts, radio, and so on. If organizations focused as much effort on best practices in internal comms, they could also improve employee engagement and boost sales because of this improvement.

Employee Engagement as a Sales Tool

Employee engagement is most commonly associated with employee motivation, increasing morale, aiding employees to give their best each day, and boosting productivity in the workplace. Engaged employees are less likely to leave, and so staff retention is better, and the costs of hiring are lower.

However, engaged employees also strengthen brand. They become brand advocates, helping to engage customers not because of process, but because of belief in the brand. Your employees are in constant contact with your customers. They should have a deep understanding of services, products and brand. To achieve this, an organization must develop an internal comms strategy aimed at creating the culture in which employees are engaged with its brand.

How Do You Communicate Brand Internally?

Employees can be compared to customers. In the same way that a customer can walk away, so, too, could an employee. 

When hiring the best talent, organizations work hard to convey their culture, working practices and career opportunities. They sell the organization to prospective employees, just as they sell their products to customers. Job adverts communicate the benefits of joining the organization, as product adverts advertise the benefits of using the product.

When organizations follow through on their efforts to hire with an internal communication strategy that drives employee engagement in brand, they will find their sales revenues increase. Here are five best practices to help your organization communicate internally and create a workforce of brand advocates.

  • Ensure awareness with an internal communications strategy

Employees must be kept aware of evolving products and services, and be involved in the evolutionary process. Internal newsletters, emails, team meetings and one-to-ones should be used to update employees about current and future offers, product upgrades and add-ons.

  • Utilize appropriate communication channels

The modern workforce crosses multiple generations. Organizations must bridge the culture and generation gap in the way that they communicate. Using multiple channels appropriate to individuals and teams, their culture, and their preferred methods of communication helps to break down barriers.

Engage your employees in your communication strategy. Ask them how they wish to communicate, and employ multiple channels to do so. Set up internal communication systems, employee blogs and newsletters, and social media groups to accelerate engagement.

  • Be consistent and authentic

Relationships last when they are built on trust and authenticity. An open and honest workplace encourages teamwork, and the collaborative culture that drives continuous change seamlessly. Messages must be communicated consistently, with leadership, management and employees forming collective goals in which all are engaged.

  • Make your data accessible

Organizational strategy is data-driven, and this dynamic is likely to increase in importance as artificial intelligence and machine learning improve the collection, collation and analysis of data internally and externally. Organizations must find ways to bring this data to life, communicating meaning to employees and engagement with brand strategy.

  • Ensure feedback is welcomed and support is accessible

Make feedback a dialogue, with managers encouraging employees to comment on working practices, workloads, and the working environment. Employees who are encouraged to participate in the development of services and products are more engaged in creating success. Pride in the brand engenders brand advocacy, and when employees feel that their opinions are valued, they feel their contribution is an important part of the organization.

In summary, engaged employees have the potential to be an organization’s most potent sales weapon. To release the power of your employees as brand advocates and boost your sales, ensure that you employ best practices in your internal communications strategy and methods.

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