How To Improve Sales

Author: Primeast

Date: 11/01/2015

No matter how hard you try and whatever on-site sales training you’ve employed, you just can’t shift those low sales numbers. You know it’s not the economy, because all the numbers tell you the consumer is spending more. Besides, your competitors seem to be doing just fine and they’re expanding workforces.

If your salespeople are on the road for longer than ever before without sales numbers increasing, or if they’re having difficulty in converting leads into contacts and contacts into loyal and repeat customers, you’ve got a serious problem. They need the strategies that will make sure they know how to improve sales.

Have you ever thought your salespeople are using old-style methods that simply don’t work in the new-style markets? Have you ever wondered how to improve sales?

How do you compete?

It used to be that people had a limited reach when it came to the goods and services they could buy.

Two hundred years ago almost everything a person bought was locally produced. With the invention of modern transportation – the railway – goods could be moved across America within days. People’s tastes changed, and companies were learning how to improve sales by advertising their goods in newspapers for sale thousands of miles away.

By the 1960s, goods were being exported all over the world within hours.

Now, information can be accessed from anywhere and about anything within seconds.

The Internet, more so than any other advancement over the last two or three centuries, has altered the way people buy goods and services. Consumers are more aware, and services can be conducted online at a fraction of their previous cost.

The secret to selling in the modern market is to sell with modern methods.

So what will make your sales pitches stand out from the crowd?

Buyers have a great variety of choice today. Businesses are challenged with longer sales cycles. Then you hear that your largest competitor has just sealed a mega deal with one of your customers. You ask your sales manager to explain what’s going on as you know your company visited the customer only two weeks ago: your competitor must have done something different.

He tells you that no matter how hard the salesman tried, he simply couldn’t close a deal with the customer. He insists that a new round of on-site sales training will give fresh impetus to the sales process. Then he suggests using a sales training company that offers almost identical training to the course all your salespeople took last year. Since that time, sales have stagnated; and with the news of one of your biggest clients defecting, you expect sales are about to begin a spiraling decline.

It’s clear to you that your salespeople are using outdated selling techniques. You need on-site sales training that will make a real difference, not simply repeat and reinforce selling strategies that simply no longer have the effect they used to.

How to improve sales

At Primeast, our sales coaches, trainers and facilitators concentrate on techniques, tools and strategies that are designed for the modern world. Whether you operate in the B2B or B2C markets, it’s the experience of our clients that on-site training purposely designed to focus on coaching strategies that sell with and to values and beliefs makes a real difference to their sales numbers.

There are five dimensions that are critical for sales success. When gaps in these dimensions exist, the selling potential of the salesperson will deteriorate: if a salesperson fails to adopt the correct set of beliefs, then success will evade them. The five critical dimensions are:

  • View of selling
  • View of abilities
  • Values
  • Commitment to activities
  • Belief in product

When all of these dimensions are aligned, they are said to be in congruence. The Congruence Model is the one proven strategy that completely changes the way that the sales process is viewed by the salesperson. This change is central to the Integrity Selling Model, a selling strategy that embeds the product or service within the values and beliefs of the customer.

Question each critical dimension

Your products and services are the equal of anything your competition possesses, and yet your sales are falling. It’s time to change the mindset of your salespeople. In your next on-site sales training session, ask them to list the reasons why they believe in the product they are selling.

Do the beliefs of your salespeople align with your own? Are they all selling from the same positive standpoint? Do they sound convinced about the product?

You can repeat this process for all of the critical dimensions, helping to close gaps where they exist and take all dimensions into congruence. Once this is achieved, your salespeople will be equipped with the right mindset to employ modern closing techniques that will ignite sales.

Why the Congruence Model will transform your salespeople

It’s difficult for salespeople to change their mindset, especially when you ask them to change the way they have been working for years. Yet in the modern context, the old methods and selling strategies simply don’t work.

If your sales have stagnated, it’s a clear sign that your salespeople have stagnated. On-site sales training that challenges old styles of thinking and aligns values and beliefs will help your salespeople to alter their mindsets. This will prepare them to drive ahead in sales, onboarding new closing strategies and getting closer to the values and beliefs of your clients.

You’ll find your salespeople go to clients meetings with added optimism, displaying empathy with the client and focusing on what matters most to clients in the modern world: their own values and beliefs. With each successful sale, confidence will grow, and this confidence will increase sales numbers and productivity.

There’s no need to wonder how to improve sales with the best on-site sales training: change is at your fingertips.

Now there is no need to delay the creation of a new, highly focused and congruent sales workforce. Download the Primeast sales resource, Using the Congruence Model, today, and we’ll follow this useful advice with the tips, information, and advice that will transform every salesperson on your team. 

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