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Traditionally, sales staff have been managed differently to other teams within the organization. Business leaders have driven sales performance by encouraging competition between individuals rather than encouraging total teamwork. In this article, you’ll learn how to achieve the benefits of collaboration in the sales process.

Individuals are no longer the kings of sales

CEB (now Gartner) released results of studies conducted between 2002 and 2012. These evidence a huge transformation in the effect of individual efforts and teamwork in sales. These found that individual performance in sales impacted group results by just 51% – a massive fall from the 78% difference at the start of the study period. Additionally, those salespeople who collaborated with others increased their impact from 22% to 49%.

The message is simple: teamwork and collaboration is increasingly effective as a sales strategy.

So, what sales enablement best practice strategies can you employ to increase collaboration, improve processes and boost sales?

Cross-functional collaboration is key to improving sales

The best salespeople don’t just execute the sales process well, they collaborate with colleagues and synchronize the activities of others. They understand that the value added by working collaboratively with all facets of an organization is higher than the sum of its parts.

When information is shared between salespeople and other functions, the natural progression is for cross-functional sales to increase. Not only do sales increase, but cycle times decrease and conversion rates jump. Collaboration promotes sales into different parts of target customer organizations, as well as different products from different parts of the selling organization.

To access such benefits, organizations should invest in CRM technology, which enables cross-functional collaboration. More importantly, investment in coaching and training in modern sales methodologies will pay dividends.

Your people will learn from each other’s mistakes and best sales enablement practices. They will network more productively. They will improve their own abilities, and increase those of others as sales revenues snowball.

Five ways to increase collaboration in sales

There are several things you can do to promote collaboration in your sales functions and across other connected departments. These include:

  1. Employ team building strategies for premier league sales, and promote shared visions, trust, communication, and improved team dynamics.
  2. Enable improved communication, by assessing and coaching emotional intelligence and deploying organization-wide systems that allow information sharing and feedback..
  3. Provide coaching and cross-functional training options. Involve multiple teams in training initiatives, and encourage discussion of mistakes and best practices
  4. Create open forums in which people can discuss their deals. You can energize workplace communication with team building activities including team huddles. This will provide opportunities of collaboration on existing deals and expansion to new deals.
  5. Review previous deals – the good and the bad – and learn from experiences. This cross-departmental discussion should result in solutions to objections, celebration of success, and opportunities for cross-functional sales.

Do you want to analyze strengths and weaknesses across your sales functions, act to help your sales team onboard new skills, perfect methods of identifying customer needs, and strategize for sales enhancing collaboration? Contact us today, and discover how we could help your sales team to manage themselves, their prospects, and increase sales.

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