Make ‘ACAS’ the byword for more effective employee engagement strategies

When developing effective employee engagement strategies for the VUCA market, communicating effectively in a volatile and constantly changing world is both essential and challenging. Appropriate communication styles must be developed by leaders to narrow the cultural divide in your organization. These must follow the rules of engagement in the technological age, and simultaneously be actionable and repeatable.

Introducing the ‘ACAS’ communication model

We’ve identified a set of rules that provide a framework for effective employee engagement through communication, with the acronym ACAS:

  • Authentic
  • Conversations
  • Appropriate channels
  • Simple

Let’s discuss what these components of communication mean.

·  Authentic

It is important to be authentic when you communicate. Being open and honest when you communicate with colleagues is key to building genuine workplace relationships. You should also speak without bias. Be neutral, clear, and concise. Be direct without being judgmental, and employ the key attribute of effective communication: be a good listener.

·  Conversations

A controlling nature doesn’t work in the VUCA market. Hence, you must listen to your people and understand what they have to say. Create an environment of openness and honesty, in which your people feel uninhibited to discuss ideas, issues, and concerns.

This two-way communication is one of the most effective employee engagement strategies. It empowers people to ask questions and explore possible solutions in a continually changing business environment.

·  Appropriate channels

Consider your people in cultural and generational groups and as individuals when deciding how best to communicate with them. Should you communicate in one-to-one meetings, team meetings, via social media channels, intranet, email, instant messaging, or video conferencing?

The range of communication channels is growing, and each person has their preferences. Each will respond differently to your communication approach. Be receptive to these preferences, and your people will be more receptive to you.

Whichever method of communication you choose, remember to encourage honest conversation, and repeat the message often.

·  Simple

Finally, keep your communication simple. Get to the point quickly, without confusing your message. Be precise and let your words – verbal or written – do the talking. When communicating, tackle one issue, or ask one question. Expecting recipients to focus on more will cause confusion, and the point you really want to address will be lost in that confusion.

In summary, have authentic conversations with your employees. Identify and use appropriate channels to connect with your people, and ensure that you keep your message simple and on point. Individualize your approach by understanding your employees at a meaningful level.

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