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An integrated approach to Leadership and Organizational Development

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Organizations are facing immense challenges. They must be agile and adapt to constantly changing markets. This puts great demands on leaders, who must be dynamic, flexible, visionary and effectively navigate complexity; whilst managing the day-to-day, creating a culture where people can thrive, ensuring the best performance from their teams. With flatter structures, driven by the demand for innovation and entrepreneurship a more sophisticated approach is required. Building strength in an organization by developing skills and mindset at all levels is the surest way of achieving peak performance and the resulting business growth.

Our approach focuses on addressing the challenges faced by organizations when embarking on multi-year business transformation projects. Our services extend from consulting support through change and culture transformation to providing customized organizational development programs. We then design best practice solutions required to build leadership strength in skills and mindset developing a generation of future leaders and building the existing leadership effectiveness. In doing this, we work to ensure participants are fully equipped to navigate and lead organizations in challenging markets. In addition we provide the wider, scalable organisational development needed to accelerate growth, mobilise change and align employees to achieve organizational success. Our specific approach, rooted in the principles of adult development, ensures people are given not just the skills, but the mindset and internal capability to achieve far beyond the training provided, unlocking potential and the ability to continue growing, both personally and professionally.

A connected 3-tier system of leadership development

No leaders operate in isolation. This is why we've developed an integrated 3-tier approach which encompasses the individual, the collective and the wider organization. We use three core tools to support this development in terms of diagnosis, design and delivery: PrimeFocus™, Barrett Values Centre™ and the Leadership Circle™.

Meanwhile our Scaling Talent portfolio has been developed to support a people development approach that accelerates performance and change across the organization.

Working as an extended team

Beginning with the consulting process we get to know you and what works for your company and what needs to work better. We work collaboratively to identify a solution that will achieve the desired vision and outcomes. Our design team then creates that solution; which might range from a culture change program built around a Barrett Values Assessment, a customized graduate or management program intended to develop a generation of future leaders, or a customized leadership development program incorporating a selection of proven 360 assessments which help to deepen and individualize the learning. Programs are often supported by coaching which has been proven to accelerate change in behavior and performance. Solutions can include a range of innovative and creative approaches designed to make the learning meaningful, relevant and applied to the workplace. This ensures learning is embedded and participants are provided with the insights and tools to continue developing beyond the program.

Using a streamlined methodology we provide a seamless experience, managing the program from design through to delivery and evaluation. With a team of over 120 associates located worldwide, we can provide the right team, in the right place at the right time. Experienced and accredited in an extensive range of diagnostics and assessments, this allows us to select the best fit for the client and program.

Beth Williams | Primeast | Leadership Development & OD Consulting

Beth Williams

CEO, Primeast North America

When asked, “What do organizational development (OD) and change management consultants do?” I like to refer to the metaphor of the theater. We are producers, writers and directors. Imagine that the producers of a Broadway show have been asked to run a new show and have it ready in three weeks’ time. They must use the same cast, without down time from the current show before they have to switch to the new show.

We roll up our sleeves and get to work. Whatever we’re doing, we’re always rehearsing the leaders, coaching, teambuilding, training, facilitating and cheerleading. We get to know the cast and the production intimately, and we’re there to help put it together. But we don’t do the job for them. We help the cast assemble it, rehearse it and get it ready for the new show - they do it - we help!

We collaborate and we facilitate the new vision and then we work with the leaders as they transition from one form to another, bringing the new vision into clarity and focus. We are the scaffolding that holds the structure of the new form until the shift is complete. After all, you’re running a business every day and you can’t stop and go dark as you recast for the future!

Accelerating performance, transforming leaders, delivering organizational change

Specializing in human potential, we will develop your leaders, align your teams and build cultures where people thrive, delivering outstanding results. Because performance matters and people count.

Leadership Development | Primeast

Leadership Development

Today's leaders need a new set of skills which reach far beyond the traditional command and control approaches. Greater complexity combined with the challenges of managing people and teams through uncertain times requires new capacities for thinking, acting and engaging to move employees, teams and organizations forward.

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The Leadership Circle™

Based on the Universal Model of Leadership, the Leadership Circle™ is the only comprehensive model that integrates the diverse field of leadership development. It is business relevant, supported by solid metrics, measurement and research and has been applied over a number of years, delivering outstanding results. When implemented with expert coaching and supporting development programs, it is the most powerful leadership tool you will use.

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Developing Culture | Primeast

Developing Culture

A thriving culture is the most essential investment leaders can make in their organization, with far-reaching impact on employee engagement, customer satisfaction and profitability. Culture turns conceptual 'values' into actions, behaviors and cohesive, enhanced performance.

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Barrett Values™

Using the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tool (CTT) in conjunction with our own PrimeFocus™ framework we help leaders to understand not only how values are driving the culture of their organization but also identifying the specifics of where and how those values are playing out. Thus leading to highly targeted action and development solutions that achieve the desired outcomes.

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Alignment & Engagement | Primeast

Alignment & Engagement

The performance of an organization can be directly linked to the successful alignment and engagement of its workforce. Outstanding leaders develop and articulate a compelling vision and purpose in order to mobilize their workforce and accelerate performance. Find out more about how we can support you in creating these conditions for success.

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The PrimeFocus™ model has been developed over thirty years, working with organizations globally helping them to improve people alignment and engagement. We apply PrimeFocus™ as a framework for understanding the barriers and opportunities within organizations and develop powerful solutions to achieve the objectives identified as an outcome of this process.

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