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Over 35 years, we have developed strong partnerships with clients and other pioneering organizations ensuring we provide leading-edge knowledge, tools and assessments. We employ proven methods to support our clients in developing the skills and mindset needed to thrive and grow their businesses. These partnerships take many forms and enable us to offer a richness and depth to our solutions.

When working globally, we often work alongside other suppliers in a complementary and collaborative way to serve our clients' needs. We do this to ensure we focus on our own area of expertise and can integrate our programs with other frameworks and build on other work being done. Working in this way results in a better experience for the client and the learner.
One of our core values is partnership. It reflects how we work with our clients and how we work with other organizations. In doing so, we build partnerships based on trust which allows us to support clients, providing cohesive and integrated solutions drawing on complementary areas of expertise. We have delivered jointly in this way with Headtorch, Aperian Global, the Barrett Values Centre amongst others. An example being, a program for senior leaders which incorporated a 'Leading on Mental Health' module delivered by our colleagues at Headtorch. This provides a critical lens for the participants to help them understand how they create the conditions for team members to thrive.
Having worked with a range of industry leading organizations such as Aperian Global, Vantage Partners and Barrett Values Centre for many years, we design and deliver solutions on behalf of these organizations where our approach is recognized to be a good fit for the client and to achieve the desired and sustainable results.
We have developed an extended team of over 120 like-minded associates located worldwide, many of whom we have enjoyed working with for over ten years. This not only means that we can service international clients, providing the right language skills, subject matter expertise and industry experience when it is needed; it also means that we are always happy to provide referrals and recommendations where a specific need is identified that is not within our core area of expertise.
Our team are licensed and experienced practitioners in a diverse range of proven development tools and assessments. We integrate these into our programs to provide richness, individualized learning and transformational insights. Some of these tools are specifically designed to support the development of self-awareness and emotional intelligence; critical skills for leaders today and into the future and have been proven to have a significant impact on performance and results. Some of the tools and assessments we employ include EQi, DiSC, the Leadership Circle Profile and System™, GlobeSmart, PrimeFocus™, the Barrett Values model™ and many more which ensures we select the best tool to achieve the learning outcomes.

Resources and Tools

Our international team is accredited in a broad range of assessments and diagnostics which we have employed on an individual, team or organizational level to help people develop their skills and to support the learning and development experience. These tools build greater self-awareness and allow us to individualize the development journey. If you're thinking of employing any of the tools and assessments mentioned, get in touch with our team to find out more or you can test out some of the free tools provided below.

PrimeFocus Self Assessment | Primeast


Complete this short self-assessment and receive your report identifying gaps in organizational alignment

Leadership Circle Self-Assessment

The Leadership Circle™

Complete this self-assessment as a first step on your leadership journey.

Barrett Values PVA

Barrett Values PVA™

Complete this self-assessment to help you understand the values you bring to your role.

Resilience Questionnaire | Primeast

Resilience Assessment

Complete the questionnaire for an immediate assessment of your personal resiliency.



What our clients say

“Primeast facilitated the creation of a high performance ‘Change Team’ to work on a significant business challenge to support Cape’s continued commitment to organisational success. The design was outstanding as it combined theory and practice; provided on-line resources, experiential activities, testing and challenging provocative thinking. The facilitation skills were exceptional as we explored leadership. There was clearly a golden thread of facilitation, not prescriptive training. The EQi 360 was used effectively and sensitively to support the learning and will form part of the on-going coaching”


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