The Design Thinking Lab

A proven 5 step approach to value creation and innovation and the skills needed to unlock the creative design process

Course Description

Any business looking to remain competitive needs to continue to innovate and evolve both in terms of product and service. With the fast pace of change we're experiencing in today's world, it is especially critical that we keep pace with our changing customer. Only by developing a superior, responsive and aligned customer experience, will organizations continue to grow in this complex and uncertain landscape. Understanding how to unlock this innovation thinking process is probably the most significant and strategic investment organizations will undertake.

The Design Thinking Lab has been designed to 'hothouse' the skills needed, both in terms of process, behaviors AND mindset to be able to unlock the potential of Design Thinking.

This intensive 3-day program will build the skills needed to lead and contribute to the Design Thinking process and is supplemented with the insights and assessments needed to be able to create a personalized development journey to help nurture the participants' creative thinking abilities and emotional intelligence. Unlocking 'Design Thinking'.

Recommended class size is 10-12 people, although larger groups can be accommodated with an additional facilitator.

Course Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the process and critical success factors to the Design Thinking process - a 5 stage process which can be adapted and includes Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test
  • Understand how to maximize their strengths and those of their team members to ensure their best contribution
  • Apply the learnt process and skills to a Capstone project, with opportunity to present and transfer to the wowrkplace
  • Develop critical skills to enable the process - communication, collaborative working, lateral thinking, decision-making
  • Understand the need and criteria for customer value and experience

Target Audience

The Design Thinking Lab is suited to any employee with responsibility for, or contribution towards creating customer experience and product or service development. It is very practical with completion of a CAPSTONE project which results in real learning transfer to the workplace. It is a critical program for any organization seeking to develop a culture of innovation providing participants with the skills and structure to be able to apply.

Deliverables and Outputs

  • An experienced facilitator/coach will facilitate the 3 day program and provide an agreed number of project support coaching sessions
  • Participants will receive the Design Thinking Lab Participants Guide and job aids to support learning transfer to the workplace
  • All participants will receive an individual assessment highlighting strengths and areas for development in relation to Design Thinking skills and a 1.5 hour coaching session to explore insights and opportunities for development
  • All participants will receive a personalized certificate of completion

All courses can be customized to meet organizational needs. To learn more about how this course might be customized for your needs, please schedule a time to talk.


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