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Working together to grow your business

If you're looking for an organization that just turns up and delivers a training session to tick some boxes, you're probably in the wrong place. Our business partnerships go far deeper. As Forward Focus, we've been working as consulting partners with organizations for over twenty years, supporting our clients to develop outstanding leaders and building high performing teams, making lasting changes that have a positive impact, not just on their work but their personal lives also.

In 2019, we joined Primeast, after a long standing partnership built on trust, shared values and a common purpose. Together we support our clients as they work to lead change and performance improvement in organizations. In doing so, we help grow people and profits. The partnership strengthened our capacity to service our clients including being able to extend our support and mobilize at speed to satisfy our clients' immediate needs; and so we became Primeast North America.

With dedicated in-house design and project management teams we provide a complete end-to end service allowing us to support our clients as an extension to your team, providing human capital and leadership development resource where and when you need it.


From the very beginning, we listen so that we truly understand the challenges you face, both internally and externally. And because we've walked in your shoes, we understand.


Our dedicated design team create the program, including all materials to suit the delivery, the sector, the business context, the environment, the timescales and the budget.


Our global team of highly skilled, accredited Associates allows us to match the right person to deliver in terms of skills, experience, style, language and cultural fit.

Our values

Our values have been in place, almost unchanged, since our company was founded, and they influence the way we work with each other, the way we relate to our clients and the way we deliver our services. As a team, we are united by our shared purpose; to support organizations in creating outstanding places to work where individuals can thrive and achieve their personal and professional potential.


  • To respect our clients, their employees and ourselves
  • To do the right things for the right reasons
  • To do what we say we will do
  • To be true to ourselves

Sustainable Development Goals

Primeast is committed to the United Nations Global Compact and its 10 guiding principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.


  • To believe that people should have the opportunity to be themselves
  • To thrive on diversity: people, skills, race, background, gender, religion, culture


  • To have a clear and compelling purpose so that employees and associates feel fulfilled
  • To be aware of our own behaviors and their impact on others
  • To commit ourselves to the emotional, intellectual and physical wellbeing of our clients, their employees and ourselves
  • To build resilience, both internally and externally


  • To acknowledge that today's solutions are not good enough for tomorrow
  • To explore, share and implement creative solutions
  • To offer clients new products and services that are assured


  • To add value for our clients
  • To develop and use the potential of all our people
  • To generate sufficient profit to benefit our clients and our staff
  • To maintain high professional standards and quality control


  • To collaborate with our clients as their trusted advisor
  • To trust in the strength of working as a team with colleagues, clients and others
  • To act with a duty of care to our associates so that they can be the best they can be
  • To commit ourselves to high standards in every aspect of our work


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  • To think and act for the long term
  • To act responsibly for clients, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we work
  • To use the environment responsibly for our business needs

Our approach

We work with people at an individual, team and organizational level to grow and make lasting changes which have a positive impact on their work and their lives. We work dynamically and in partnership supporting you through change and depending on the given moment, we determine the level of support you need to identify and reach your goals.

Dynamic Support Process

Adapting our support

All businesses are different and are at operating at varying stages of development and change. This is why we work dynamically with you, adapting the level of support to suit the specific moment in time.

The ultimate goal is to empower your teams and your leaders to be able to continue to evolve and develop beyond the partnership. This is why, when designing programs, we focus on the thinking and mindset as much as providing the skills. First we create a safe space to practice, reflect and develop the skills needed. Then we support individuals and leaders to apply their learning to the workplace through coaching and developmental support. This is how we ensure the best results and the greatest impact on the business.

Our credentials

Our team of consultants and associates are accredited in an extensive range of leadership diagnostics and tools which we employ to support the development of robust and resilient leaders, equipped to succeed in a complex and volatile business environment. Use of diagnostics and assessments allows us to individualize the development journey and uncover deep insights into what might be limiting performance. This increased self-awareness builds emotional intelligence and ensures leaders are equipped to support and grow the people they work with to improved performance of their own.

What our clients say

“Primeast facilitated the creation of a high performance ‘Change Team’ to work on a significant business challenge to support Cape’s continued commitment to organisational success. The design was outstanding as it combined theory and practice; provided on-line resources, experiential activities, testing and challenging provocative thinking. The facilitation skills were exceptional as we explored leadership. There was clearly a golden thread of facilitation, not prescriptive training. The EQi 360 was used effectively and sensitively to support the learning and will form part of the on-going coaching”


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