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How coaching multiplies return on investment

Coaching is an important component of our customized leadership development programs. Coaching is used to support the 360 diagnostic assessment process helping the coachee to understand, explore and develop actions from the reports provided. Ongoing coaching helps the coachee begin to unpick their default behaviors and start to implement more creative approaches to their own leadership.


Reported significant improvement in workplace effectiveness


Mentioned more effective workplace relationships


Described an improved ability to identify and manage their emotions


Linked improved emotional self-awareness to a reduction in stress
Skills coaching

Skills-Based Coaching

Skills-based coaching is provided by highly experienced, accredited coaches from our global team ensuring the best fit in terms of language, skills and cultural fit. Skills-based coaching can supplement any of our Future Skills modules and can be structured to provide focused coaching to support individuals:

  • A structured coaching program is provided and delivered virtually by a member of our experienced and accredited coaching team.
  • Skills, knowledge and behaviours are applied in the workplace and time is given to reflect and receive developmental support to ensure new practices and approaches are embedded.
  • Skills-based coaching is provided as a follow up to the workshop and can be related to a personal development plan with actions and outcomes agreed at the outset.
Growth coaching

Growth Coaching

Growth coaching provides valuable space in our volatile world for leaders to take stock of the challenges they face, explore a range of scenarios and options for action and to consider how they ‘show up’ in the process. Working with leaders we will help you achieve greater impact through coaching:

  • Coachees receive personalized feedback and insights from the carefully selected 360 diagnostic or outcomes from prior leadership development.
  • The personalized coaching program will provide actionable and ongoing development support to affect transformational and enduring behavior change with carefully managed levels of test and challenge.
  • We also support organizations in leadership team coaching and developing the internal coaching capability to create a coaching culture.

Live Project-Based Coaching

Live Project-Based Coaching offers support to leaders managing live projects, such as those in sectors like the NHS. By partnering with experienced coaches who have a history of delivering successful projects, leaders receive tailored guidance that is immediately applicable. This form of coaching is particularly effective as it combines direct, real-time problem solving with strategic decision-making.

  • Coachees can apply new strategies and insights directly to their current projects, ensuring that learning translates into action.
  • Coaches provide ongoing, actionable feedback that helps leaders adjust their strategies and improve their project management techniques.
  • Coaching ensures that project outcomes are strategically aligned with broader organizational objectives, maximizing impact and efficiency.