Training That Sticks

When 75% of information is forgotten within 24hours of training (Ebbinghaus), its important to make training and development memorable and to ensure the learning is transferred directly back to the workplace.

Our experiential approach ensures we develop skills that are practiced, developed and continually applied long after the training program is completed.

Experiential Learning

Our experiential learning is designed to be meaningful, lasting and deliver impactful results.

As participants apply newly developed behaviors they experience new and positive outcomes, providing a sense of success and gratification at their improved performance. This leads to greater success, with participants motivated to embed the learning and continue to take ownership for their continued development beyond the program.

And, yes, we even design experiential programs virtually!

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Learning Design Thought Leadership

Bringing Learning to Life

Introducing our white paper on impactful learning design. Discover innovative approaches and best practices to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences. Explore learner-centric design, interactive techniques, and technology integration for deeper engagement and knowledge retention. Join us as we unlock the potential of impactful learning design to drive growth and success.

Learning Design

Our Approach

At the heart of our learning design approach is the CADDIE model, which stands for Consulting, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. This comprehensive process ensures that we cover all aspects of the learning experience from end to end.


We begin by engaging with stakeholders to identify the specific learning needs and objectives of your organization. This initial consultation helps ensure that the solutions we design are perfectly tailored to your requirements.


We perform a detailed analysis of the existing knowledge base and skills of the intended learners, along with the learning environment. This step is crucial for identifying gaps and opportunities for learning interventions.


In this phase, we create a detailed design overviews that outlines the learning jouney learners will partake in. Our designs are both innovative and practical, ensuring they meet the set goals effectively.


We develop tailored learning stacks and digital experiences. Our development process integrates engaging and interactive elements that facilitate active learning and retention.


We will oversee the rollout of the training program, ensuring it runs smoothly and effectively. We offer flexible delivery options tailored to your needs: we can either utilize your in-house platforms or host the training on our dedicated Learn@Primeast platform. This versatility ensures seamless integration and access, making the learning experience convenient and adaptable for all participants.


We assess the impact of the learning program through a comprehensive evaluation process. We employ distinctive questioning techniques designed to gain deep insights and feedback from participants. This approach allows us to gauge the effectiveness of the training and understand its real-world application. The feedback gathered is crucial for making informed adjustments and planning future learning initiatives, ensuring continuous improvement and effectiveness of our programs.