Alignment and engagement using PrimeFocus™

PrimeFocus™ was born out of working with organizations for over 30 years and has become a recognized model which can be applied effectively during any strategic or cultural alignment initiative.

Find out more about how you can use PrimeFocus™ as a starting point for discussions and you can also take our short assessment which provides a summary report reflecting how well you feel your organization is currently aligned. We have delivered virtual workshops in support of leadership alignment, some of which are highlighted below and can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Clive Wilson explains PrimeFocus™

Here, the creator of PrimeFocus, Primeast Director and author of ‘Designing the Purposeful Organization’, Clive Wilson introduces PrimeFocus™ and explains the concept of Purpose in an organization. To find out more about how we can support you, using the PrimeFocus™ framework to achieve strategic and cultural alignment, increased engagement in order to achieve improved performance and tangible results, speak to our team.

PrimeFocus diagram depicting the 8 sections; purpose, vision, structure, engagement, character, results, success, human talent.

PrimeFocus™ in practice

When an organization and its leaders are strategically aligned to its purpose, the effects are extremely powerful:

  • A balance between cultural harmony and collaborative working with a healthy regard for test, challenge and conflict
  • High levels of engagement where the employees’ values are closely aligned to the organization’s values; leaders have articulated the vision and purpose and there is a strong sense of unity, ownership and responsibility
  • Excellence in teamworking at all levels with resulting high performance and a sense of shared personal success
  • Structures and processes are implemented to deliver the purpose efficiently
  • Leadership model authenticity, integrity and resilience, inspiring, supporting and enabling their teams to achieve their true potential

PrimeFocus™ Mini Assessment

This free assessment provides a snapshot of the Eight Conditions that must be in place and aligned to deliver prime performance. It will provide an insight as to where you are on the journey.