Leading Change That Sticks

Accelerating Change Capabilities and Developing Change Intelligence

Course Description

The Leading Change that Sticks program provides a four-track, multi-discipline approach to change. Each track provides a different learning experience; designed to accommodate diverse learning styles. Two of the tracks are designed to be completed on the same day to allow for learning followed by practice in a low-risk environment; the process of ‘learn, practice and reflect’ creating a multiplier effect.

This course is designed for change leaders with a variety of change training and experience including those limited to theoretical knowledge only.

Track 1 - Learning Track

This track contains five 3-hour virtual instructor-led (VILT) modules exploring core change content.

  • Manage: Developing confidence with problem solving and change management methodology
  • Lead: The neuroscience of change and the role of the change leader
  • Engage: Learning processes, methods and developing communication skills for building alignment and engagement
  • Influence: Overcoming resistance and influencing without direct authority
  • Negotiate: Negotiating win/win outcomes to create sustainable and workable agreements.

Track 2 - Simulator Track

The Simulator Track comprises five 3-hour change-related challenges which build around a core scenario. Each challenge presents opportunities to practice the tools and techniques learned during the morning of the same day. The scenario will be tailored to a situation relevant to the practitioner community. It can be modified for other audiences at additional cost.

The focus of this track is for participants to practice the use of change tools and approaches in a low-risk environment where they will learn, with the appropriate support, as much from failure as success.

This track is designed to run alongside track 1 and be completed on the same day to reinforce learning for participants.

Track 3 - Live Project Application Track

At the conclusion of the Learning and Simulator Tracks participants will form 3-person Action Learning Pods. Each pod will meet virtually with a dedicated facilitator on 3 occasions, for 2 hours, 6-8 weeks apart. In each meeting participants will work on their ‘live’ scenarios using the combined experience and expertise of the pod members.

The focus of this track is for participants to collaborate with colleagues to apply their learning to real-world challenges and maintain momentum.

Track 4 - Booster Resources Track

Five 10-minute e-learning modules forming a refresher package supporting each of the Learning Track modules and a series of easy-to-use change tools, available on Primeast’s Digital Campus (branded to suit your needs).

The focus of this track is to provide practical tools and refreshers to enable participants to maintain momentum.

How Kotter’s Change Framework supports Change Intelligence

Kotter’s 8 Change Accelerators provide an easy-to-follow roadmap for change managers and leaders. Each accelerator outlines what needs to be done in order to initiate a change project and then keep it on track. The 4 Principles of Lasting Change are the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors needed to drive change. When coupled with the 8 Accelerators, the structure, process, and sustainability engine for successful transformation comes to life.

Management & Leadership

Leaders must combine articulating the vision for change, inspiring action and managing the process.

Have To & Want To

Getting buy-in helps shift behaviors and encourages long lasting change.

Head & Heart

Getting people to care emotionally as well as factually for less resistance to change.

Select Few & Diverse Many

Include people in the change movement to achieve better solutions and enable change leaders.

Kotter's 8 Change Accelerators

Leading Change that Sticks - the Results

Change is a constant for many organizations, driven by forces such as customers, markets and technology, yet most struggle to achieve the outcomes of their change initiatives. When done right, change can help guide long-term success and increase potential. Further benefits from Change are that it:

Encourages Innovation

Promotes Skills Growth

Develops Employees

Leads to New Business Opportunities

Increases Staff Morale

Retains Employees

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