Mastering Leadership Program

Are you ready for the future? It demands a fresh approach to leadership

Course Description

In today's world a new type of leadership is needed. With the pace of change only increasing leaders must be more agile, empathic, systems-aware, have a clear vision and purpose and be able to articulate this and lead their organizations and teams to high performance. And with the predicted continued technology disruption in the future, the most important attribute for leaders to develop is their emotional intelligence; ensuring they are equipped to navigate the future complexity taking their employees with them on the journey.

This program is fully customizable and can be adapted for delivery between 1.5 and 5 days. It is designed for senior leaders and is highly practical to allow participants to work in groups co-designing their leadership vision, then exploring the processes, framework and skills needed to be able to execute that vision.

A selected number of powerful 360 assessments and leadership diagnostic tools are incorporated to provide deep insights and are supported with both collective and individual coaching to suit the situation and desired outcomes.

Course Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Co-author the leadership vision and create the strategic roadmap they wish to implement
  • Develop the skills to be able to implement the vision and roadmap effectively
  • Explore the strategic conditions required to be able to accelerate the required transformation in terms of culture, alignment and engagement of their teams
  • Develop greater awareness of self and the impact on others
  • Understand how to master default, limiting behaviors and to develop a more conscious approach to leading self and others

Target Audience

The Mastering Leadership Program is design for senior leaders who are responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the organization.

The program is intensive, very practical and highly rewarding with participants reporting very clear vision and outcomes at the end of the program. Facilitator/coaches are very experienced in their respective fields having held senior leadership positions previously. Many of the delivery team are accredited and experienced in a wide range of leading edge tools and assessments and will provide focused support to both the group and the individual participants as they progress on their leadership development journey.

Deliverables and Outputs

  • Co-creation of a clear vision and roadmap to implement
  • Individual assessments and coaching depending on the specific and final design which might include the Barrett Values Culture or Leadership Team Values Assessments, the EQi 2.0 Leader Assessments, and the Leadership Circle Profile™
  • Participants' guides for each module, toolkit materials and job aids to support learning transfer to the workplace

The following is provided as an illustration of how a final program might be structured. All programs are customizable to reflect organizational factors and context and to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved and the impact on the business is significant and measurable.


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