The Challenge


The world has been transformed by the rise of technology and it’s capacity to drive change in almost every major industry. Innovation in communication methods and the proliferation of social media brings increased connectivity and disruptive change to more traditional media. Headline success in the technology, media and telecoms sector often hides the challenges for organizations operating within it.

The industry is saturated, making it harder and harder for companies to make their mark. The fast pace of innovation, AI, data governance, issues around trust, privacy and security, workforce gender imbalance, skills shortages and failure to invest in training are some of the challenges to staying relevant and effective in this disruptive environment

Organisations need to be even more agile, built on cultures of innovation, avid knowledge seekers and passionate talent liberators if they’re to stand out from the crowd. This often requires a mindset change, new ways of working and a refocus on what a company is trying to achieve.

The How

How We Work with You

  • The initial consultation is deep and detailed to ensure we can deliver the right solution, program structure and support for your specific requirement
  • A dedicated project team designs the appropriate solution for your needs which can include a range of methods, delivery styles, materials and tools.
  • Our accredited coaches can apply a range of tools, if appropriate, to support development through detailed and effective analysis.
  • The facilitator, equipped with a detailed understanding of the workplace challenges and situations, manages the learning experience to ensure meaningful transfer of learning, directly back to the workplace,

The Benefits

Ensuring an Outstanding Experience

  • Our global network of associates and consultants reaches across the globe, ensuring localized and culturally sensitive expertise; the right person, in the right place at the right time.
  • Our associates and consultants are accredited in a range of evidence-based development tools allowing us to apply the right tool for the job.
  • We provide wrap-around support to the client and the delivery team, with dedicated project teams ensuring an efficient and well co-ordinated experience.

The Outcomes

Working with You to Achieve Improved Performance

Our particular area of expertise is people development and organizational alignment. Here are some of the ways Primeast can help:

  • Identify a compelling purpose that is a reflection of all stakeholders, inspires performance and creates an edge in the market.
  • Develop effective technical and project leadership for a fast-moving, global environment.
  • Build a culture of innovation that fundamentally alters attitudes, ways of working, policies and procedures.
  • Create a learning environment that not only encourages knowledge development and share, but liberates existing talent to allow them to add maximum value.
  • Cultivate outstanding interpersonal and communication skills among stakeholders to enable them to collaborate effectively with internal, external, remote, virtual teams.
  • Foster highly engaged, high-performing individuals and teams, strategically and culturally aligned to the organization’s purpose and vision.