People Strategy vs Strategic Workforce Planning

4 Pillars of a Successful People Strategy

Whether you're planning for the future, succession planning or reviewing your people strategy and the required training investment, there are 4 key focus areas you need to consider before you start.

You need to be clear, before you start about your philosophy when it comes to people. Do you aspire to a transactional or transformational approach to talent management? Do you believe in opportunity for all or investing in the select few? How important is it, to achieve your organisational goals, to inspire, engage and create a sustainable workforce? Where are you on your organisational development journey and where do you want to be?

Conducting an exhaustive gap analysis will ensure that you are clear about the context - your organisational strategy, its purpose, external and internal factors which impact on your workforce and a comprehensive understanding of what you have now in terms of people, resources, skills and leadership and what you need to be future fit. This process ensures a clear and evidence-based approach to decisions you will need to make later in terms of learning and development plans.

Employee experience = employee engagement. Develop an engagement programme that includes objectives, strategies, actions and measures. Engagement is driven by a whole host of factors including values, behaviours, job design, health, wellbeing, inclusivity, diversity and belonging all of which must be planned and managed consistently and purposefully.

High performing teams are led by purposeful, compassionate leaders who understand team dynamics, connecting with colleagues, creating a psychologically safe space for feedback, innovation, collaboration, challenge, experimentation and a sense of being valued. Employees are motivated by many things and increasingly seeking purposeful work, excellent communication, supportive leadership and opportunities for growth. Create opportunities to develop beyond mandatory training that support personal as well as professional development.

Learning Development Strategy

Developing Future Leaders

Working collaboratively with you, we will design a customised programme to address skill gaps identified through the skills analysis process. Leaders need a complex set of skills to help them lead through uncertainty, change and complexity. They must master their people skills as well as be strategic and systems thinkers that can operate in constantly changing business landscapes. We develop experiential programmes from graduate level up to senior leaders, supporting your leadership pipeline.


Delivering Impact through Learning and Development


increase in graduate retention from 35% to 85% as a result of the programme


of participants in the Change Ready Masterclass will apply learning to their role


of participants in Better Conversations workshops feel better equipped to do their job effectively as a result


of participants are confident they can manage challenging conversations as a result of the workshop