Barrett Values Model and the 7 sections; contribution, collaboration, alignment, evolution, performance, relationships and viability.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness

  1. Viability: Focuses on basic needs such as financial stability and health.
  2. Relationships: Emphasises interpersonal connections, trust, and communication.
  3. Performance: Centers on achieving excellence, recognition, and status.
  4. Evolution: Encourages adaptability, continuous learning, and innovation.
  5. Alignment: Highlights finding meaning, shared vision, and values alignment.
  6. Collaboration: Involves social responsibility, community contribution, and ethical practices.
  7. Contribution: Represents selfless service, commitment to humanity, and environmental sustainability.

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The 7 Levels

Split into a further seven hierarchical bands, respondents taking part in the research are asked to identify a number of keywords that best represent their beliefs in each of these three categories. The results are then able to be interpreted to highlight key trends within attitudes and create an overall image of the beliefs that underpin key groups within any firm.

Mapping the values of an organisation enables the business to create a snapshot of its present culture, showcasing areas where improvements can be made and attitudes can be influenced to change for the better.

Creating a balanced business that sees employees and clients highlighting key attributes at all seven levels of the Barrett Values framework is the ideal.


Who Is Barrett Values Suitable For?

  • Assessments are available for teams and individuals at varying levels from graduates to senior leaders as part of their personal development journey and to help develop a detailed picture of the current and desired culture.
  • Suitable for first line managers and above to help identify strengths and areas for development on the journey towards leadership and the organisation’s agreed destination.
  • Can also be delivered as part of a longer term leadership development program to help build a vision for the leadership team.
  • Supports ongoing talent management programs where participants gain a deeper understanding of their own values, their team values and how they are aligned to the organisation’s values. This can support recruitment of future
  • leaders and managers and be employed to align employees to the organisation’s purpose, driving commitment, performance and results.


What Does a Barrett Value Assessment Include?

  • The appropriate assessment is selected and customised for the level and experience of the participants, briefed in and distributed for completion.
  • Participants receive a detailed report and dot plot illustration.
  • Analysis then informs the subsequent programs designed to accelerate the organisation’s movement towards the desired end point.
  • The assessment can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop following pre-work survey completion and supporting coaching to increase self-awareness and inform a skills and attribute development plan.
  • Our experienced coaches discuss, analyse and explore the insights with participants and provide supporting coaching to explore the insights, uncover deeper understanding and to draw out actionable steps towards personal and professional development.
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Understanding Barrett Values

Barrett Values, developed by Richard Barrett, provide a comprehensive framework for assessing and aligning personal and organisational values to achieve higher performance and employee satisfaction. This system draws from Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, expanding the topmost level into seven distinct bands of consciousness, each representing a stage of human and organisational development.

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