Learning Design Studio

Who We Are

Within Primeast we have our Learning Design Studio, where expertise and innovation converge to create transformative learning experiences.

Our team of skilled designers, developers, and digital learning specialists are dedicated to crafting solutions that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of modern learners and organisations.

At the heart of our studio are our people: a diverse team bringing a unique set of skills such as design, development, accessibility and evaluation.

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Inclusive and Accessible

Our team is committed to creating accessible and inclusive content. This means taking into account the varied needs and preferences of all learners, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or learning style, can access, engage with, and benefit from our materials.

Additionally, we ensure that our evaluations measure the inclusivity and accessibility of the learning experience, confirming that all participants have equal opportunities to benefit from and contribute to the training.


Starting with the end in mind

We employ a thorough evaluation process designed to measure the effectiveness of our training and ensure meaningful outcomes. We start by identifying specific, measurable actions, habits, and behaviours that demonstrate competency in targeted areas, aligning these with key business KPIs to track and measure their impact on organisational performance. To gather qualitative evidence of changes in practice, we collect reflections and observations from participants, providing a deeper insight into the adjustments made post-training. Feedback is also integral to our evaluation, sourced directly from line managers and, occasionally, direct reports through structured forms and personal calls.

Our evaluations are distinguished by the use of distinctive questioning, which not only assess the immediate application of learned skills but also prepare participants for continuous application through Learning Action records.

Learning Design Studio

Tailored Content

We understand that effective learning isn’t about the quantity of resources, but the quality of engagement. That’s why we offer tailored learning content designed to cut through the noise, providing each learner with a personalised journey that addresses their specific needs and goals. Our approach ensures that learners receive precisely the resources they need, without the clutter of unnecessary extras. This targeted strategy not only enhances learning efficiency but also boosts retention and application of knowledge, ensuring that every resource we offer is both relevant and impactful.